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Redhedd Spam: How Can We Fight It?
Posted On 02/22/2012 12:21:47 by steve
Eunice CrankyPonts posted a blog about how much of a pain in her ass the spam messages she gets are, and it pained me to read about how one of our pillar members is so turned off that it keeps her from enjoying the site.(please note - this is not a general site complaint opportunity. If you've got complaints about other sucky aspects of the site, please PM me, or post it in the forums. - thanks!)
I know that spam bugs the living shiznit out of many of you, as it does me, and I want to apolog... Read More

I hate working out
Posted On 08/05/2014 14:39:18 by Magdellena
I really, really hate working out. Just HATE it but I do it.  At first, I thought it was just that I hated workng out around others at the gym. So, I bought an elliptical machine and some weights. Turns out... it's nothing to do with the gym, I just hate working out. Full stop. Despite that, I refuse to not use this ridiculous machine I bought. So, now I have this seriously dysfunctional relationship with my elliptical machine.  Working out on it is like a grudge shag... I'm cursi... Read More

Time with Mum was lovely
Posted On 08/03/2014 21:36:57 by Magdellena
My mum stayed with us for two weeks before she had to fly across the pond back home. It was amazingly wonderful to have her here. My minions adored having time with her. I loved having time with her. We spent a night drinking far too much Shandy and being very, very silly. It was lovely. 
Best moment ever? Just to be cheeky, we took her to a local "Irish Pub". Namely a pub owned and run by an Irish couple. As we sat there at the table, my mum was looking around, amused and laughing at it... Read More

Redbeard no more :(
Posted On 07/22/2014 18:10:03 by The_Reverend_Hippy_Tim
Well it's been some number of years since I've perused the hallowed halls of the redhedd. The years have set in. The beard has gone brown, the head has peppered white, and 65 pounds has been shed. As my middle life crisis has begun. I find myself cool with it because now I can have a mustang and run around like retard, but at least I'm a retard with a believable excuse.  How have you been redheddians? It's been ages!
... Read More

Time with Mum
Posted On 07/19/2014 22:14:01 by Magdellena
My Mum is coming to stay with us for two weeks. I am so excited. We are flying her  here and she should be arriving any time now. The Mister should be picking her up as I type this. I have missed her so. I haven't seen her in over two years! This is going to a be a brilliant next two weeks! ... Read More

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