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Singing, piano, dancing, acting, geology, reading, writing, volunteering, looking after animals, exercising, gigging, opera, browsing online, blogging, looking after various animals that wander into the garden (there was this baby hedgehog once, and - sorry I'll shut up - it was sooo cute)!

The Dark Half, Jeepers Creepers, Life On Mars, Ashes To Ashes, Supernatural, Demons, IT, Sean Of The Dead, Phantom Of The Opera, The Day After Tomorrow, Love Actually, Jesus Christ Superstar, Catz, Ironman, Buddy, The Dark Knight, Rocky, Rambo (my brother introduced it to me), Rush Hour, Under Seige

Opera, Classical, Kay Jordan, Sarah Brightman, John Owen-Jones, Josh Groban, Johnny Cash,Rhydian Roberts, Anneli Drecker, Vitas, A-Ha, T-Rex, Mika, Kate Bush, Tarja Turunen, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Earl Carpenter, Michael Xavier, Ima Castro, Gene Wilder, Bob Dylan, The Bee Gees, Celine Dion, Rachel Barrell, Annette Yeo, Robert-John Edwards, Philip Jones, Janet Galloway, Il Divo, Take That, Robert Downey Jr, Savoy, Roxy Music, The Beatles, Joe Nichols, David Bowie, Starlight Mints, Michael Crawford, Ryan Molloy, Calabrese, James Blunt, Muse, Matt Emery, Hayley Westenra, KT Tunstall, Steven Seagal, Annie Lennox, Graham Clark, Kylie Minogue, Frank Stewart, Bel Canto, Diana Vickers, Nerina Pallot (and I do take inspiration from every one of them)

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IT, The Dark Half, 'Salem's Lot, Pet Semetary, Angels And Demons, Deception Point, Interview With The Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, Dracula, The Historian, Harry Potter, The Dark Is Rising, Northern Lights, Darren Shan Saga, Demonata Saga, Harry Potter, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Insomnia, Rose Red

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MESSENGER, Neko Case Fan Atics, Animal Lovers, The Beauty Corner, Music Fanatics

Musicians, animal lovers, classical/opera fans, country music fans, gorgeous green/blue eyes, wavy hair, animals of all kinds, getting away from the city

Smoking, drinking too much, bullies, men who think they can get any girl they want, cheesy chat up lines, people who don't like animals, too much city noise

First thing's first. A lot of people seem to be under the impression that my name is Elizabeth Harker. It's not - I sung in a Dracula musical with that name, and kept it as a stage name. I can't use my real name on here, because it'll just get all complicated and people who're crawling the web looking for me will find this profile - if they do I'll have to delete, I don't have a choice about that. But anyway, in real life, I'm training to be an opera singer and classical pianist. In the meantime, I do volunteering and odd jobs here and there. I LOVE animals - I have six of my own; a dog, two cats and three rabbits. The dog - Sheba - is a Blue Merle Rough Collie and has a bark like a wolf! The cats - Caramel and Camille - are tortoishell and black and white and they're sisters. The rabbits - Loki, Fudgey4 and Flipper - are actually offspring of 2 rabbits I bought about 10 years ago, and my dad put them together thinking they were girls - he said "well rosie isn't a very manly name" in his defense ;-) I'm pretty much a recluse, but recently, I've been roaming about the countryside a bit, which is AMAZING! I found a snail the other day, and brought it home, it was massive! My animals can be hilarious! They're great company and so loyal - unless there's food about! I have a brother who's an albino, so I can't go on holiday to exotic places because he'd burn even worse than me! I don't mind, I'm not all that fond of the sun anyway :-) In my free time, I like taking photos and editing them but I don't actually own my own camera, just a mobile that doesn't like photos. My main photographic 'objects' are my animals, then scenery...then other people's animals!

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Guy : Why's your head on fire?
Me : It's my hair, you idiot.
Guy : Oh...it's orange...
Me : Yeah I know!
Guy : Oh right...it's very orange!

It was much funnier at the time :-D

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03/02/2009 23:50:11
Cool, I could go for a vacation or location change too.  Well I'm off to try to sleep, good luck on getting to sleep and nice meeting you! Good night :)

03/02/2009 23:41:16
I think ive drawn a dachshund before, when i was younger I always wanted a dachshund.  My favorite dog to draw is a scottish terrier.  I have most of my drawings on here  http://cc787.deviantart.com/ .  Move here ! haha

03/02/2009 23:29:04

Ah insomnia, I seriously have sleeping pills for that haha,  I think I drink way too much caffeine.  Sure, I can draw your wolf :) haha.  Drawing dogs is fun.

03/02/2009 23:26:05
Every now and then. I love listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra! And I'm always listening to movie scores.

03/02/2009 23:19:54
Your up late, whats the occasion?   I like trying to draw people and animals mostly, I've drawn a couple of people on here :).  Sometimes I just doodle with no purpose which is fun.

03/02/2009 23:14:10

For grand spectacle and to sing along with, I like "Phantom of the Opera" and "Wicked." But my personal favorite has got to be "Company."

03/02/2009 23:11:26
Well I guess you rubbed of onto them?  :).  I'm doing good, trying to think of something to do or draw, or maybe i should sleep.  Decisions decisions lol.

03/02/2009 23:03:50
Hello :)!  I want to steal your pets haha.  oops.  Hows it going?

03/02/2009 01:54:46

He needs his teeth brushed? Oh wow. Now that's funny, ha ha. Well, whatever makes him happy, more power to him. I'm really not one to judge.

What do you mean by "top" yourself? Surely you must have a hobby aside from music. I mean, you have written poetry, haven't you?

Holy crap. I'd be a little unsettled too with that big of a spider, ha ha. Did you kill it when he dropped it on your face? I'm surprised you didn't kill him.

Ugh. Eyeball pinching. I think I'll stay away from that. Knowing you, you'd probably do it just to keep your pain tolerance high. Ripping the lens off does sound like quite the experience.

I don't really know either, Ms. Jade. Perhaps it's something I'll look up in the near future.

How did whatever it was manage to scar the back of your eyes but not the front of them? Nurses tend to lie about things like that I think. Just to sort of keep you calm before the storm, I guess. Me, I'd rather be warned so I can prepare myself for the blitzkreig of pain to come. I didn't realize rubbing your eyes was an automatic thing. 

Dog does not seem like a pleasant smell, I'm afraid. The smell of a dog usually is far from pleasant, unlike a kitty who constantly bathes. So you smell like pears and musty dog. This seems like an unusual smell sensation.

Ah, you already told me about the foundation to stop your skin from greasing up. My bad. My memory's questionable sometimes, I'm afraid. It's all right, I'm kind of prone to acne too. I still get quite a few zits, and all my blemishes show up really well under florescent lights, hence why I film a lot in the dark. I think everyone's greasy in the morning, Ms. Jade. Or maybe it's just you and me. I dunno.

I don't think anyone looks flawless, lol. But perhaps that's the beauty of it. People are supposed to have flaws; it builds character. An hour doesn't seem so long. What on earth is the blotting paper? Obviously my knowledge of makeup is limited at best, heh.

I have no idea why they'd want to. It would screw up the nature of the world anyway. Animals go extinct for a reason: they weren't meant to survive. It's not always fair, but that's the way it is. Let the wooly mammoth lie. It probably smells ungodly anyway. 

3 already? I guess I'm not surprised. Ha, I hope you're not referring to me. I like to think I'm not a creepo. A royal ass-hole at times, maybe, but not a creepo. But yeah, there's a lot of people like that on here, I'm afraid. That's true of anyplace online, I guess. They can't get what they're looking for in real life, so they come to a place like this. But they're looking for all the wrong things in the first place. So what qualifies as dirty talk? Lord knows I'm not looking to go and say something silly.

Ha ha, maybe. I've got maybe five of them on my camera. I guess I can take some photos of my decorations if I haven't already. How many more photos do you have?

Well, I guess it's easy if you copied Turunen's take on Poison, ya big cheat. I make a point of not covering songs unless I think I can do something differently with it. Unless I'm just noodling around and making a web video, of course.

Take a needle and poke Tyler's head with it. Maybe it will deflate.

Ha ha, I'm afraid there's no class for that sort of thing. You either get it or you just don't. They have yet to learn that there's more than sex. I learned that when I was 14.

I guess Sammie's just got good intentions for his sister. I don't really mind. I might be evil to a certain extent, but I'm not going to put you on some weird mailing list or tell everyone I know you're a prostitute or whatever. Christ, that'd be weird. I still can't believe the lengths those people went to.

I went to a Bible study social get-together tonight, and it was all right, although some of the people there weren't really anything to write home about, even though they were nice. I've been going to a Bible study for a while, I guess because I wanted to learn things. But lately it's been making me reevaluate my faith in God. Back in November I became an agnostic. Now I think I'm starting to find the answers I've been looking for. 

Well, anyway, off to bed. Here's hoping I don't flunk the exam.

03/01/2009 23:34:53
Hehe, and thanks again.