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31 years old
Long Beach
United States, Alabama

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OCCUPATION: full-time redhead
EDUCATION: some college
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DRUGS: oh my yes
RELIGION: redhead
DATING STATUS: open to suggestions
BODY TYPE: generously ample
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
GENDER: female
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Curvaceous, redheaded, rock n roll "smarty pants" type seeks charming, witty, sexy, "know it all" rock nerd for naughty, nasty fun, a bit of debauchery and some good conversation. Ya know, fun, laughs, goodtimes. For me happiness is as simple as a Coke, a toke and some stimulating conversation. I'm lots of fun, I love to learn, and I'm up for the occasional lurid adventure. I love massages and am quite the firecracker if the chemistry is right. I'm open to suggestions and would encourage creativity. Can you blow my mind? Disclaimer: please note that Lollygagger smokes no actual cigarettes (but doesn't mind smokers), is honest, outspoken, kinky, straight forward, intelligent, opinionated, eats meat, and has a seriously filthy mind which rarely goes to waste.

Are you unique, original, creative, smart, honest, sincere and sexy as fuck? Can you teach me a lesson or do you need to be taught one? Are you sinful and cerebral? Magical and musical? Can you make me laugh? Sing me a song? Play me a tune? Can you laugh at yourself? Like yourself? Love yourself Do you make passes at girls with fat asses? Know how to give a proper spanking? Do you have big, strong, hands and know how to use em? Ever study massage therapy? Cunning linguist? Know any really big words? Know how to spell em? Could you lick me at Scrabble? (Don't make me laugh!) Are you a strong man? Could you put me over your shoulder or maybe even your knee? Are you a nerd, geek, outcast, oddball, musician and or weirdo? Then I may be the girl for you! Are you not like anybody else? Are you the coolest person you know? Brave? Ballsy? Do you think you may be one of my kind? Would you like to find out? Must be honest, trustworthy, sexy, eclectic, hygienic, sarcastic, SINGLE, and know how to spell. Must love music, laughter, animals, and kissing.

I stay on most of the time...

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From: redmal
09/10/2007 07:51:16
after reading your profile! im speechless... hope all is well!

From: steve
09/10/2007 06:18:18

hey red,

welcome to the community! 

09/10/2007 03:15:16
Let me be the first to welcome you to the fold! Hope you find your visits here thoroughly delightful...