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HAIR TINT: brown
EYE COLOR: brown
EDUCATION: bachelor's degree (4 yrs)
SMOKE: not a puff
DRINK: sometimes
DRUGS: I daren't
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HEIGHT: 6' 2"
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not much anymore, since I'm a disabled veteran type with not much money or energy. I still, as always, like to fix, design, build,, write, meditate.

O' Brother Where Art Thou?, Fight Club, Full Metal Jacket, Memento, Toy Story (1&2), My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Shaun Of The Dead, Snatch, Elf, Talladega Nights, Enchanted, mmm I just love Amy Adams...and now (thanks to my daughter making me watch it again and my inability to keep not liking it) The Notebook.

-start eclectic list- Pantera, Sarah McLachlan, Six Feet Deep, The Weepies, The Reigning Monarchs, Boss Hoss, AC/DC (the best ever), Harry Connick jr., Dwight Yoakum, Alan Jackson, Louie Armstrong, Ludacris, The Soggy Bottom Boys, Justin Timberlake...

Most books about religion/spirituality; The Tao Te Ching, the Christian Bible, the Q'uran...Reconciliation by Benazir Bhutto, former female Prime Minister of Pakistan (still working on it), The Tao of Pooh, books about history or animals, most books that are good fer lernin supm. I like to lern.

10/05/2008 19:13:44
10/04/2008 22:13:44

peircings, know-it-allness, loud chewing/chomping.

red hair, freckles, humility, arrogance, snuggling , affection, honesty, loving my kids (just mine, most are pains in the arses), loving animals, tattoos (but only some can pull it off), a serious appreciation of movies, ability to carry on a conversation that involves more than superficial nonsense, spiritual...I'll add to this later.

The nicest ah-noos you will ever meet. I would sacrifice my life for anyone who needs me to, and I would choke the life out of someone who is preying on someone weaker. I hate BS, PCness, and people talking without knowing what the hell they're talking about. I love machines, fixing, building, designing, creating. I will go from wrenching on my truck to sewing something to doing the dishes, whatever needs to be done.

I did 8 years as an enlisted sailor, then I decided I wanted to do more so I applied, got selected, did Officer boot camp, and became an Officer. I did the best job in the world, a Naval Officer fixing jets on an aircraft carrier, for a few more years. After a disabling motorcycle accident, I medically retired, the wife left, I did a bankruptcy, moved down here to be around for the kids' teenage years, and after a bit, met the current girlfriend.

I am currently uncertain about life and where I will be led next. I am apprehensive, but accepting of whatever God leads me to do. It may suck, but as I always say, Such Is Life.

Any moment I had for a time, before life made it impossible for more moments.

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10/05/2008 07:38:46
Jee man, from cute profile pic to creepy!!! both showing some paternal love, though .  Where did you get this one?

10/05/2008 01:52:13
Welcome to the family

10/04/2008 15:32:07

it's a damn shame isn't it?...i can't even go shopping at the market without being slapped in the faced with what this country has become...but, i'll keep my political views to of my heros is George S. Patton....that should clue you in.

10/04/2008 10:24:06
I look to the Tao more as a philosophy on life and living rather than religion. I am a Christian first and foremost really, but the Tao is just amazing to me and I think could make the world a better place to see people live by it's philosophy's. Maybe I need to look on amazon or ebay...I hate that though I love going into a store and getting a book...starting the book there over tea. There is another one that goes along with The Tao of Pooh if you haven't read it, 'The Te of Piglet', which I am also hunting for :P

10/03/2008 17:56:35
The Tao huh? are you a fellow Taoist then? I'm in search of the Tao of Pooh currently. I keep catching tidbits of it online, looks fantastic :) Oh...I came to say hello and welcome friend :)

10/03/2008 14:22:22
hahaha your profile picture freaked me out!