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The Good, The AD and the Ugly
Posted On 01/14/2011 07:23:19 by sarahredhead
Good stuff. I promise.

http://hubpages.com/hub/The-Good-the-AD-and-th e-Ugly-The-Lost-Art-of-Adverti sing... Read More

A Redheaded "Development"???
Posted On 01/29/2009 17:47:05 by manwithscaryspouse
I haven't been on the site in a long time -- too busy at work.   However, this breaking news may be the best thing that has happened to male redophiles in a long time.

 For some hormonally related reason, Scary's bust has mysteriously increased from a mid-C to a D.  For you guys with redheaded significant others, let's hope that this is some redhead related gene.   If its not hormones, then 1/2 of the extra four pounds she put on in the last month went st... Read More

hip hop of the day!!!!!
Posted On 06/17/2008 14:01:41 by Delarosa

Posted On 05/22/2008 21:43:18 by steve
If you haven't alrerady noticed, I'm kinda (tiringly, I know, I know) obsessed with the out-of-doors right now. I've been hacking away at hills in my back yard, rescuing the hundreds of non-blooming tulips from hard-packed nutrientless earth, and hefting big rocks hither and thither. I got a vision y'all, and can't seem to blink.Part of the vision, maybe 1/6th, maybe 1/8th, maybe even 1/11th, is tulips. Now hear this clearly my boos: I never thought of myself as a tulip feller. No. I was a big b... Read More

My 500'th
Posted On 04/20/2008 12:36:24 by Philly
Nothing really to say, so I shall mark this milestone with a wahaay!! XX

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