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The power of Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Posted On 12/03/2009 09:42:16 by littlered
Apparently Fauna Communications who studies the science of cats purring and animal sounds. Have done research and discovered the following;
''Fauna has drawn upon studies that prove that the frequency of a cat’s purr is such that it heals cats’ broken bones, severed tendons and lacerated skin; and also alleviates breathing difficulties.
Cats purr at a range of between 20 and 50 Hz [measure of frequency]. Our bones heal best at between [wait for it] 20 and 50 Hz! Indeed our healing rang... Read More

My perfect hour
Posted On 07/03/2009 10:50:41 by Philly
Millie and Arthour turned four weeks old yesterday and while that in itself is no real cause for celebration, it does mark the start of weaning for them - another bit of new teritory for both Molly, Felix and myself as neither of us has any real experience ah well, we'll have to wing it as usual.

This also marks a change in the kittens behaviour - they are begining to show some independance. Last night Molly, as she does, jumped onto the bed and called out to them to s... Read More

Da Job
Posted On 06/10/2009 12:55:24 by JuWells
Ok so I don't know why, when I HAVE time to blog I don't, and now that I have to be at work in 45 mins I wanna blog...People are weird, yes? So...SO much to tell about this job and the doggies and the kitties and the groomers and the pottymouth lady (every other word is "fu.ck") and the people and the SMELL of building two and the escape artists (and the Dobie who got out and then let HER FRIENDS OUT (the dogs she'd played with that day) and they had a total doggie party til they were discovered... Read More

Two little Kittens
Posted On 06/02/2009 11:27:47 by Philly
So I've been on tenterhooks while Molly got bigger and bigger, I thought yesterday would have been the charm as she was in and out of her nest most of the day.

Sadly not to be.

So we all headed to bed at around 10 pm and it was lights out - until just after midnight, Molly woke both Felix and me.

Clearly something was up with her, she was meowing, rolling on to her back and purring all at the same time, while I felt her tummy her waters broke - not gently but like a guided... Read More

The one that got away
Posted On 05/31/2009 09:38:29 by Philly
Some of you may have read some of the exploits my two kitties have got themselves into on my facebook page. This one though is just to good to use as a status update. Felix has just started bringing catches in to Molly as she is spending more and more time in the cottage as she is pretty much due - I know I keep saying this but she is getting way too big and looks like she is about to explode - and as he has normally done, he bought in a vole for her to eat. Only this one was slightly too alive... Read More

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