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Radical's Poem Challenge
Posted On 05/28/2008 04:02:00 by Juless
Note to all: TAKE on this challenge, it's really fun and VERY thinky.

Note to writers (thou knowest who thy art, heehee) WRITE MORE and take this challenge!

Note to Rad: I had to look up Scheide and dictionary.com didn't have it. Near as I could figure you meant "Schede" which is a scabbard, like for a sword, and based on the other words you used, I assumed that was right. So that's what I used.

Deal with it.

For to take the challenge: you MUST use: tavern, surr... Read More

LIMERICK - poem challenge
Posted On 05/21/2008 08:24:30 by n2enigmas
So, I'm feelin' a bit creative today...  and limericks are my favorite poem form... 

There once was a porcelain cat An antique store’s bargain was that It was knocked off the edge Of a considerable ledge And shattered as it went splat... Read More

Haiku - poem challenge
Posted On 05/21/2008 08:22:43 by n2enigmas
OK, I been busy   - here's anothuh for ya...

Consider the source The apathy which consumes Deny its power... Read More

Poem Challenge - numero uno
Posted On 05/21/2008 08:15:28 by n2enigmas
OK, here's one - my first poem in a long time, so be gentle...

The bright sun shatters the horizon Dusk sets in Anticipating the night, considering the possibility of apathy Making a bargain to return again The blue porcelain sky won’t be denied its time... Read More

Poetical Challenging
Posted On 05/20/2008 07:36:09 by Juless
Based on Euni's challenge to write a poem using specific words (and I wasn't clear on if I had to use 75 words or if I couldn't use any MORE than 75 so anyway I used 43 and this is the last thing I'm gonna use as procrastination regarding my marketing piece thingie (combo resume/porfolio/business card to give out and mail so maybe someday in a not-so-far-away galaxy someone will hire me to do some kinda, I dunno, work, or summat). "Another Freakin' Poem"By Jules  Consider a life... Read More

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