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Something for every hair color...
Posted On 05/28/2010 15:43:27 by jennalj2
http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/hair-color-and-your -health

I found this to be really interesting. I wondered how many other's have had parkinson's touch their lives, directly or indirectly. Your thoughts?... Read More

Get All Natural Red Hair
Posted On 03/27/2010 14:29:17 by gingerloveca
Ever wanted to get ALL NATURAL red hair? No, im not talking about gene therapy or something like that. You can use tea or coffee to get that natural look rather then those nasty chemicals!... Read More

there went the red...
Posted On 11/03/2008 12:29:27 by luckylass77
i haven't been on here as often as i'd like lately, what with halloween and my daughter's various events that moms attend!
my red hair at the moment is NO MORE! i know, that's a sin/crime/travesty..what not!
but, i dyed my hair black as i have many times in the past. it sorta goes with a 'look' when i model/dance, i am bettie after all. but, i will miss my own hair colour! i'm sure i will grow it out and start anew next year or so.
please refrain from sending hate mail or 'tsk tsk!' com... Read More

Red hair and Brown eyes!!
Posted On 08/03/2008 07:42:32 by Tuckit01
Are there alot of redheads with brown eyes? Most I meet have blue or green. Is this a rare color combination!?... Read More

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