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Just posted my 1st Fitzpatrick b-ball game.
Posted On 04/27/2009 00:19:20 by FightinFitzie
I just posted my first Notre dame replay with that big redhead Philip Fitzpatrick. Check it out in my Redheads who got game Group. You can feel free to join my group and talk about it for a while.... Read More

Redhead playing for the '01-02 Irish basketball team.
Posted On 03/02/2009 09:22:54 by FightinFitzie
Here is a replay I am doing featuring one of my fictional redheads, Philip Fitzpatrick:
[link="http://forums.delphiforums.com/tabletopsports/messages/?m sg=14042.1"]DelphiForums[link]
I'll be posting more Fitzpatrick replays from my sports games in the days ahead.
And of course, your feedback is much welcome!
Thanks!... Read More

The Rudy Play
Posted On 12/01/2008 21:28:38 by MarkWeasley

... Read More

Here Come the Irish!!!!
Posted On 11/15/2008 16:00:43 by MarkWeasley

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I really don't like fundamentalists!
Posted On 03/19/2008 23:42:11 by RobHand
Current mood: sad
Category: Life This Evening i came across a site that upset me so very much, it’s called GodHatesGoths.com, it’s exactly what it says on the tin, another fundamentalist christian site against the "Tyranny of Satan and his influence in the gothic sub-culture"! it goes on to explain how anyone who listens to Metal and rock music (Most of my friends including myself)... Read More

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