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Posted On 10/25/2009 13:05:31 by stefaan
i had a strange and very nice dream last night.can't remember everything but this is what is still in my mind:I met 3 girls, a blond, a brunette and a redhead.We are introducing ourself and like we do in Belgium, we give three kisses.first the redhead girl, then the brunette and then the blond.but the redhead is standing again in the kissline. I said: we kissed some seconds ago.And she: I know, and we start kissing  And it was the most beautiful redhead girl ever !!!  waking up was not... Read More

Posted On 03/25/2009 13:57:39 by msMoonGlow
This is one of my lesser known pieces, I share it rarely only because there is so much truth in it.
  Well I’ve done it again
Destroyed the ones I loved
In the way only those you love so deeply can do
I’ve stepped on hearts Steeped in hurt
Only making everything worse   I am not a goddess
By any means possible
I am only human
And that is my ultimate downfall   Floating through Is hard to do
I collide with every obstacle
Demolishing... Read More

Tooth Dream with Byron and Mango
Posted On 09/12/2008 04:31:15 by JuWells
Just woke from a tooth dream.You ever have those dreams? Where your teeth fall out?Anyway there are a ton of sirens going off not too far away and they kind of gently woke me and so I remember parts of the dream.They're going on and on though, so that can't be good. Anyway, for the dream (and thank you, redhedd.com, for being my own personal and very public dream journal )I'd gone out dancing with my friend Bryon and Mango and some other people, and some characters from My Name is Earl (tha... Read More

Werewolf dream.
Posted On 09/11/2008 17:04:53 by JuWells
I had a werewolf dream.
Driving with mom, wind-y road, roller coaster feeling but side to side instead of up and down.
Decided to stop for hotdogs
As we’re deciding what to order, all the people in the restaurant kind of went away, one by one.
Ominous feeling, like, palpable.
Tried to get a guy to take our order, after we decided what we wanted. There was no one at the front counter so I went to the kitchen area and it was just a little cubicle, not even open to the front, and t... Read More

Semi-Johnny Depp Dream
Posted On 08/05/2008 18:10:44 by JuWells
I was in a pet store with Johnny Depp. Frankie (my cat) was his cat and he was looking for another cat. I saw these two beautiful animals in one of those pens on the ground, they had long hair and calico colors and I thought one might be a ragdoll so I went to get one but it was a dog, not a cat, and to boot: it didn’t like me, it was pushing me away. Then I was just kind of hanging out with him and he was really nice and shy and all the girls in the pet store were running around.   I to... Read More

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