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Posted On 05/04/2008 20:03:26 by Jofridaysrule
Dreams by Langston hughes
Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.... Read More

Dreamy Time
Posted On 05/04/2008 02:55:16 by FamilyJules
K, so this dream semi-woke me up. Meaning, I kinda woke up but was still dozing, but still having it. Very vivid, this one, and kinda weird.

I was hanging out at the pool of the condo in which my mom and I lived while I was in high school, and these six African American kids showed up, and the life guard and some older woman with about 20 bugs up her ass (figurative, please) wouldn't let them into the pool. I was shocked that the pool appeared to be segregated, and I left in disgust.
... Read More

Pomegranate: The Downfall of Persephone
Posted On 04/21/2008 11:41:05 by FamilyJules
I was shopping in this warehouse and some chick was with me. In the dream we were good friends but I don’t know who she was.  We were looking for...ginger snaps or graham crackers, I think.  Was it Tirzah? I can remember, but I can see her climbing bins to check for what we wanted stacked up on top of them.  Then we saw this GIANT fruit. And I mean giant.  It was a pomegranate, but it was shaped subtly like a pear and the outside was a deep red with white speckles. It w... Read More

Anudder Shark Dream
Posted On 04/18/2008 06:46:16 by FamilyJules
I was wandering around this kind of hillside, VERY gently sloping, and I stopped at this fruit stand and looked over my shoulder and there was the prettiest little body of water. I believe it was the blue they call cerulean (sp)--it was a super deep blue but with bits of turquoise and it just looked, well, sweet is the only term I can think of.It had little rocks jutting up here and there, and I couldn't see the other side of it. I got a something from the fruit stand (can't remember what) and s... Read More

REALLY Horrid Deam...
Posted On 04/17/2008 13:18:37 by FamilyJules
...and a definite sign that I'm on here too much/obsessed/in the preliminary stages of major psychosis.

So I dreamt that I was talking, in the shoutbox, and Stew tells me there has been talk of booting me from the site. Naturally I freak, and am all "why? what'd I DO?" and it comes to light there there is someone on the site who has been stalking me and making up stuff about me and selling it to some other web site.

I know! Paranoid, much?


I find... Read More

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