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For all the red-headed men out there, this link.
Posted On 04/04/2009 09:25:37 by FightinFitzie

I want to see ladies hook up with someone who's redheaded and handsome, regardless of height.

Other than the Bill Waltons and David Carusos of the world, redheads (even those with freckles) are also attractive.

Redheaded males with freckles (like this person at this site) are people too (and are also attractive)!

More love for the ginger guys, no kicking or fighting them!   By the way, speaking of redheads... Read More

Burn victim's freckles disappear after explosion
Posted On 03/11/2009 02:08:57 by gingerismdotcom
A red haired teenager has lost all of his freckles after suffering serious burns to his face and arms. He's quite happy about it!Read more: Burn victim's freckles disappear after explosion... Read More

Yeah soooo
Posted On 07/28/2008 11:51:36 by LizLizLiz
Yeah sooooo

The rocky horror thing was alright, not as fun as natty wailer, but still better than spending sunday night inside! I taught myself the timewarp via youtube before the show, its been like forever since I saw the film, so I did the timewarp loads n loads!!!! I didnt actually wear a costume to the thing, all my group thought itd be a great idea at the time (everyone was mildly inebriated, except myself of course, I had soft drinks n only a bit of malibu -get the carrib... Read More

My 'Do You Have Freckles On Top Of Your Feet?' Poll
Posted On 07/19/2008 12:39:31 by Rousel12
This is just a brief commentary on my "Do You Have freckles On Top Of Your Feet?" poll { http://www.redhedd.com/poll/view/id_1209/ }: persons with at least 1 red/freckle-related allele of the MC1R gene have the potential of freckling all over their bodies with sun exposure, including on top of their feet;the odds are certainly HIGH that persons with at least 2 red/freckle-related alleles of the MC1R gene are going to freckle with sun exposure all over their bodies...the feet very much included;t... Read More

What A Crock of shiznit
Posted On 02/22/2008 18:20:17 by steve
This site has freckles categorized under "blemishes"My big red buddha ass freckles are blemishes. My mommy told me they're angel kisses and I believe her.fuckers. ... Read More

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