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Anyone comming to Breda in September and wanna share a room to get to stay cheaper in there???
Posted On 05/03/2009 04:09:21 by RalionMa
Hi There everyone :D - I was just wondering if there are others who wonder like me if its possible to get a cheap location in Breda this september, seems like there are a lot of double rooms in there for more or less 71 € each night buuuut I am single lalala, so what am I to do with a double room, guess what? There is still one bed free!!! So if you are I dont care about the gender - non smoker (because I dont smoke and it would just make me puke if you would like to smoke inside the room) and think about staying more than one night in Breda...I thought about maybe taking a three night booking sounds fun to me :D - well then be welcome I will have a car :D - if you would like to drive around but hey its cool I wouldnt sit in your lap :) - its just a way to get a cheaper accomodation :D and have fun!

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05/21/2009 00:39:34
Dudes I got myself a room allready :D - your free to not to share lol :D

05/04/2009 15:43:39
ha. I was seriously considering Breda (used to live in Holland, still understand the language etc.) - wouldn't stay there though, probably "commuting" to-from Rotterdam every day. Anyone seriously planning anything?

05/03/2009 11:37:36
Lol I dont know if I snore :) - but I have slepped with others in the same room :) -and there where no complaints so far lol :D

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