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Miss California
Posted On 06/24/2009 12:30:15 by vivalasvegas

Just to add to my already huge pet peeve of beauty pageants, here comes the whole shenanigan surrounding Miss California's pageant question. A whole buttload of backlash went up because she did what? She answered HONESTLY? Heaven forbid she gives her actual opinion! That's a new thing I hate about these pageants. If your response doesn't go where the wind is blowing politically, you're labeled a disgrace. Shameful.

Now that I'm done defending her, I'll attack her. I saw an edited version of "those pictures" on the Tonight Show, and I agree with what Jay Leno proved regarding her claim that her breast was exposed because the wind was blowing. Her hair wasn't whipping around like it would do when the wind goes through it. It's equally shameful that she thought she could sneak that explanation past us.

I'm glad she left the position. After all that controversy, my heart wouldn't be in it either.


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06/24/2009 17:29:11

I can see your point. Even though I support gay marriage I think if she was asked for her opinion and she gave it, then fair enough.

Beauty pageantry has SO gone downhill since I watched them on TV when I was little. What happened to beauty PLUS brains?! I cringe nowadays when the girls are interviewed because they don't know their asses from their elbows most of the time.

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