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M.J. ...
Posted On 06/25/2009 20:21:56 by NessaSue


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06/28/2009 11:28:39

Were you molested by him? Were you in the room when he was molesting anyone? ....

Working in a crime lab, I prove things are true every day. Just because I haven't witnessed the crime personally doesn't mean they haven't been proven true. Same thing with cases that don't make it to court.

Jackson knew that he would lose. That's why he settled out of court by bribing the families, buying their silence. Just because one woman was a basket case doesn't mean they all were.

06/27/2009 22:57:06
Believe you? You're so sure? Were you molested by him? Were you in the room when he was molesting anyone? ....

The first one would have went to court, but the greedy parents cared more about taking the money that getting justice for the so-called offense. I doubt he did anything for them to jump on the money and not care about justice.

The second case, it went to court darlin, but the mother was a basketcase that manipulated her child into what to say, she was just trying to get money too. He was an easy target, because of his troubled life. Their witness had no credibility, thus no weight. Thus he was never convicted because nothing was ever proven and if it had of been really true... The parents would have fought for justice, if they were any kind of real parents.

I agree, he was a pretty crazy person.. I loved his music, but I didn't swoon over every move he made. But I'm not going to call someone something horrible when I really can't say that it's true. Only the people involved and God knows, and God will deal justice where it's deserved I promise you that. But if you want to be a lemming for the media and believe all their lies, go ahead. I choose to take an evaluated opinion on the issues.

06/27/2009 22:23:57

i love how people are so quick to judge when nothing was ever even proven..

Believe me, it would have been proven if the cases had gotten to court, but Wacko Jacko - knowing he was going to lose several times over - settled out of court, essentially bribing the families to not pursue their cases.

And before you say anything, Mr. Phoenician, I did like his music. But that's ALL I liked about him.

06/27/2009 12:43:08
jackass and thug_wife....   it's interesting how you take pleasure in somebody's death.  it's a little disturbing actually.  just because you hate michael jackson and have problems with things that he did doesn't give you an invitation to impose those views on people who did happen to like his music.  i was never a jackson fan, but i've learned over the past couple of days just how many people loved his music.  jackson had family, friends, and millions of fans who were affected by his death.  these fans are not wrong for mourning his loss because many of them have memories associated with the music jackson made over the years.  write your own blog about what a pervert and freak he was....  keep your negativity and fire and brimstone attitudes to yourselves.

06/27/2009 12:23:18
Since he was made of plastic is his body gonna be melted down into legos so little boys can play with him for a change?

06/26/2009 18:09:48

RIP Michael J.

I agree NessaSue. Plus, the parents were quick to take the money. Which is why I have my doubts. If I were a parent, and my kid was violated, I'd do anything in my power to keep the guy away.

There have been cases where parents manipulated the kids to say things so that they can get the money. So, we do really know what went down in that room with lawyers. But I do know this, easily the blame was put on Michael but what about the parents who accepted the money?

06/26/2009 14:13:29
lol... i love how people are so quick to judge when nothing was ever even proven..

06/26/2009 14:02:28
PERVERT!!!!! good riddance.... seems justice prevailed after all

06/26/2009 08:47:59
yep.. and eternity is forever..

06/26/2009 06:55:38
Life is precious and fleeting

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