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Posted On 06/25/2009 21:31:47 by fullmetalgeno

I am so very sad to hear of your passing MJ

Thank you for sharing with the world your talent and musical genius since you were a kid and lived your life for your music and touched so many billions of people on this planet with it.

You gave so much to so many

I am really feeling his loss...

I remember being a kid and getting the Thriller album and listening to it non stop

I remember the world premiere on MTV (when they actually played videos) of Beat It, Billy Jean and the epic Thriller videos.

I remember freakin the feck out when I along with the rest of the world witnessed him do the Moon walk at the Motown awards show then trying my best to copy him.

I even had the Beat It jacket with the zippers  haha!

The first song I learned on guitar was Beat It with Eddie Van Halen rippin it up on the guitar solo

To which that song song had it's own influence on a lot of today's Rock, Metal, Rap & Hip Hop artist

I got to see MJ in 1984 on his Victory tour and then again in 1988 on his Bad Tour

The greatest shows I have ever seen!

On MJ's "Beat It" which was the song that launched the Thriller record and made MJ the Icon he is now.

Not only did that song get cross over play on Black & White radio stations, made him the first Black artist to be played on MTV...

but if not for MJ and Eddie Van Halen teaming up together on "Beat It" the precedent would not have been set for years later with the collaboration of Run-DMC & Aerosmith on their 1986 "Walk this Way" mega hit

MJ was so influential and huge in the music world...

It just can not be stressed and emphasized enough

He opened up doors for all Black artist after him and continues to be a force over all artist Black/White or Rock/Rap to this day

MJis an Icon beyond all others... He started in the business at 8 yrs old and now passed away at 50

Think about that he gave 42 plus years of his life to all of us... He never had a normal life

He gave that up for the passion he had for his music and for all his fans

I will always be thankful for the memories

God Bless you and may you be with Him now

Jesus can walk on water... but now you can teach him to moon walk on it

Rest in Eternal Peace Beyond Forever




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06/27/2009 13:00:02
jackass and thug_wife....   it's interesting how you take pleasure in
somebody's death.  it's a little disturbing actually.  just because you
hate michael jackson and have problems with things that he did doesn't
give you an invitation to impose those views on people who did happen
to like his music.  i was never a jackson fan, but i've learned over
the past couple of days just how many people loved his music.  jackson
had family, friends, and millions of fans who were affected by his
death.  these fans are not wrong for mourning his loss because many of
them have memories associated with the music jackson made over the
years.  write your own blog about what a pervert and freak he was.... 
keep your negativity and fire and brimstone attitudes to yourselves.

06/27/2009 12:09:35

06/26/2009 14:03:38

he also touched little boys and almost dropped his baby off a balcony.

good riddance to him and all the other perverts like him that are out there.... seems justice prevailed after all!!!

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