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hmm i've never written a blog
Posted On 06/27/2009 11:25:54 by xkate

i'm bored and have nothing exciting to do due to the shiiite weather in zurii today. buut i would like some advice on whether or not to confront one of my friends about somethingg, how sad is this? hahaha
whatever i doubt anyone will reply anyways, still nice to get it off my chestt. you'll see the pun on that in a little whilee.

alright so i had a party a few weeks back because i like organising parties and i thought why not, my friend sarah said she'd have it at her haus so that was chill. we all got pretty high and drunk and the usual and some of us crashed there. it being my party i went to bed and passed out relatively early after saying bye to the guy id been with casually for a while.

while i was asleep though i woke up kindof delirious to find someone lying next to me who was squeezing both of my tatas. a little confused i assumed i was dreaming but then i moved a little and the person stopped and i realised obviously i was awake.

i turned on my side and fell back to sleep for a while then i woke up again and i could tell someone was still grabbing me and i was like wtf, so i pretended to still be asleep and i realised it was my friend dee - a girl - who was grabbing me. i was really confused and didnt know what to do i just sortof pretended to wake up and went downstairs. its obv not a big deal but was just really strange and i dunno whether i should mention it to her or not .. don't want things to be awkward. she wasn't anywhere near as drunk as me and she's not a tactile person at all, especially not with me cause she knows i'm not.

anyways it was just weird and now it's less weird because i've written it down hahah. alright whatevs ima go for a smoke to clear my head.

oh actually - adding this later, i remember another time when i was quite drunk and dee was sober, she took me to go pee in a park away from the rest of our friends cause i had to pee. afterrr she made me do up her jeans for her cause for some reason she couldn't .. which was just really awkward and weird actually hahah.


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06/29/2009 03:39:16
Sounds like you've pulled dear

06/28/2009 01:30:43
Hmmm, I guess it's not a big deal but I would still ask her about it. Sounds like it might happen again and if you talk about it maybe it won't. If you are just cool and relaxed about it, she shouldn't feel embarassed. It will be more awkward to NOT address it, I think.

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