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Don't Read This Blog
Posted On 07/03/2009 10:12:11 by Redei
Don't read this blog if....

Too late you're reading - now what.

Well what's  this blog about - it's  YOU and ME and EVERYONE on here who signs on to see whats news, whose happy, angry, humpy, whatever... 

Did you sign up to be harassed?  How about picked on?  Or Blocked? Or maybe Friended?  

I have a blast on here. I enjoy the music, the pics, the blogs, the characters  but lately I want to scream out loud "STOP THE INSANITY"!!!   It's due to the complete BS that surrounds the chatter and drama that seems to build here from time to time.

Does anyone seriously think they don't have a right to say what they want? 

Does anyone really filter what they say and whom they say it to on here?

I think emotional responses on subjects close to ones heart are a given - hell we're passionate redheads... BUT really can't we care a bit more about how we say things??

Opinions matter to ummm the person stating their perspective.. pretty much no one else - tough to swallow but more true then we all want to admit.

Hey  I won't drone on as I'm just aggravating myself and it's a day off long holiday weekend here in the states..  But ya know these thoughts whether you read it or not,  agree with it, disagree with it or have no opinion will always be changing, and hopefully proactively evolving...as long as we are free to communicate, and I for one would seriously go nuts if I didn't have you all to bounce my own personal crazyness off of from time to time..

However RESPECT that doesn't change and is imperative for ALL no exceptions.

Happy weekend !

P.S. Thanks for respecting my rant, and I'm gonna work on being kinder, funnier, sweeter, cooler, truer, sexier and happier - as life is shorter all the time!


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07/05/2009 10:57:35

i like your rant.  you should do them more often.  ;-)    i know what you mean.  i remember quite a few dramas and some people leaving the site over petty crap last year.  i'm not familiar with many specific soap operas this year, but i'm sure there are many.  shame shame...  i will admit to you redei, sometimes i feel bad because i feel responsible for causing drama on the site with my blogs.  that's never the intenion.  i always blog about politics or whatever to stimulate thought and debate, but it ends up getting out of hand a lot of the time with the responses.  i keep telling myself that i'll give the blogs a rest because i don't like people arguing in an uncivil manner and forming certain opinions about me because of the blog content.  also, politics is just a tough subject to blog about because you're inviting passionate responses that may or may not be filtered.  however, i always manage to put up another one from time to time, ha.  this is all very ironic, by the way, because i'm not even a redhead... and i'm causing all sorts of trouble on a redhead site.  that goes along with what you are saying, though.  the redhead friend of mine who originally invited me on here is no longer a member of the site because of stupid drama.

i respect sensible peacekeepers.  thanks for being one on the site.  :-)

07/03/2009 21:23:04
I don't read, I skid.

07/03/2009 14:38:17
Hey for once I am NOT part of the drama, so I really don't know what happened, only thing I saw that was drama was the whole survey blog thing again...eh feck em...I haven't been around because I really don't have internet right now, I just check in here and there whenever I need to. Miss everyone and talk to you all soon.

07/03/2009 14:25:20
You wont have to work to hard to improve your stuff is always well written/thought out & a pleasure to read

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