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Was SO Gonna Quit...
Posted On 07/04/2009 13:31:20 by JuWells

...so last Wednesday...actually the Wednesday before last Wednesday, that is, was my first day "alone."

Now, I gotta go home at lunch and let me doggies out for which to pee, see? 

So first thing, I ask Lisa (manager) if Carrie is gonna cover me, and she says yeah. She ALSO says that I can ask Carrie for help if I get stuck or if I get a huge line or something.

So I get HUGE attitude from Carrie when it's time for me to go to lunch.

Then I get back and she goes back to the kennels and stuff's cool for awhile then I get SLAMMED.

Well, for ME it was "slammed." I had two people show at the same time then two people wanted a tour then two more people showed and I was just kinda runnin' all over and trying to stay calm and do everything correctly while running around to get the dogs and stuff.

The people wanting a tour were SUPER cool, and kept stepping aside when other people would come to get their dogs. Then Carrie comes up, and I say, "Can you help me?"

Guess what she said? Right in front of like 3 customers AND the people wanting a tour?




"No. I'm already behind." (Which is of course MY fault cuz she had to cover for my lunch.)

I ask if she can at least give the tour but NOPE.

I was so humiliated. Right in front of all those people, and I'm flustered and in my head I say well feck YOU TOO C-word!! and my face went bright red, and I just had to keep going.

So I get everyone checked out and I start the tour and of course two more people come while I'm showing the people around.

So anyway, it's just a couple of hours of running around, making piles of stuff to do later, and sweating like a racehorse (seriously, my hair is just a frizzy disaster and also basically wet every time I work) and no time for even a smoke break (yes I started again, leave me alone :p).

Then, Lisa shows back up and I tell her the story.

Guess what she said-go ahead and guess.

"Well, you shouldn't ask for help unless you have at least FIVE people waiting."

Peeps, I almost walked out then and there. I thought, I don't have to deal with these fuck.king MEAN GIRLS and feck THEM, ya know?

I'd been there like three weeks, it was my first time alone, and then to get this attitude?

I was a smidge pissed.


Then, Lisa kinda came around, and she said "well she should have at least helped you with the tour."

Thanks a fecking lot, ya think?


Ugh, anyway.

The next day, Lisa is talking on the phone to David, the owner, and as there is ONE phone at the front desk, I'm hearing shiznit like "she was really upset. No, she was just told a flat no to her request for help" and the like.

I'm like...great. Drama. She gets off the phone and I half-jokingly say "am I gonna be fired?"

"no no no, blah blah blah, we're upset at Carrie, that wasn't right, blah blah blah."

Next day Lisa's leaving for a few minutes and Roz the groomer/kennel tech is standing there, and she says "if you need any help, just ask. I'll help you, cuz that's just not right."

So yeah, people were just a'buzzing about that shiznit. And when I saw Carrie again I just kinda didn't talk to her.


See, the thing is, Lisa's cool, but she's been there 12 years and she kinda built the business and the thing is? She talks behind EVERYONE'S back.

Like even the first day she was telling us stories about all the employees and how Carrie is slow and has no personality and how this one doesn't think and blah blah blah, so of course I knew that it wouldn't be long before I was talked about also.

I just didn't wanna create drama.

Anyhoo, then Monday was fine, then last Wednesday was THE BEST DAY EVER!! Lisa hadn't been to bed cuz we opened the new location and she was running all over, so she was gonna go up to her house to eat (she and Roz live on the property) and I said please take a rest, take a nap, I'll call you if I need you and away she went.  I didn't get any big rushes and I was just on top of things and it was GREAT!

I felt fantastic :)

Then Thursday I worked with Lisa again and man...it's so annoying to have someone jump right into the middle of what you're doing, you know? It's like this need to show off how much they know.

She told me that I'd get my own routine down, and so I'm doing things the way I'm liking to do them and she comes and hangs over the top of me and is pointing to shiznit on the computer screen with her finger, covering up what I'm supposed to be seeing.

I was very annoyed. She just jumps right into the middle of stuff and flusters me and I tried really hard to say something about it but I chickened out.

Anyway. I got over it, then yesterday was fine again, cuz she was running the dogs and I was checking them in and out.

Monday's gonna be crazy cuz like 100 dogs are going home. I had no idea, but apparently the 4th of July is the biggest holiday of the year at the kennel.

Bigger than Christmas.

Wow this was long and rambly and vent-y but I wanted to get it off my chest :)

K, bye for now :)


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07/05/2009 20:51:00

Complex stuff the work world!


07/05/2009 10:44:36
Jules, lets you and I go have a beer.

07/04/2009 17:05:21
Sounds like they treating you hard!

07/04/2009 13:35:21
I stopped here

no time for even a smoke break (yes I started again, leave me alone :p)

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