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Bored! So here goes...
Posted On 07/19/2009 17:19:27 by Gemmell

Ok so its Sunday its 21.47 my Uk time and im so bored, ive gone passed boredom im now actually thinking hmmm shall i clean the inside of my computer ( which has huge fans so its kinda dusty) but nah dude im not gunna bother... Im gunna write about random stuff instead.. Feel free to read, comment debate whatever u want.. might give me something to do..

Why am i bored? 

Oh i dunno cus im single and apparently being single (for some 6months now) is not acceptable, a lot of my amigos have all gone on holiday with their Gfs to some crazy place in i dunno spain,Bulgaria Egypt... who cares....  This is not the point, the point im making is that if your single these days your made to feel like U NEED A PARTNER..... Dont get me wrong someone comes along and i click awesome, but im not actively pursuing the idea of a relationship... I like having that extra 300 in my pocket that u would normally spend on your significant other... I like shooting some hoops, playing soccer,glugging beer and lookin at any girl i choose and not feeling my ear burning cus the significant other is talking about it 

Yeah ok personal Emotional BS over with... Im annoyed at being bored cus literally all my friends have gone on lil bf/gf holiday and i got no one to play with hahahhaha 

NEWS... Yeah i started reading the news cus you know im bored... WTF is this about... 

Police in China have handed out a warning to a motorcyclist after he was stopped for driving without any arms.

Liu Yeung, 27, from Jimo, was spotted driving with two pals on a specially modified bike.

Officer Zhang Jie said: "It was only when we stopped him that we realised he didn't actually have any arms. He had fitted a specially modified handlebar to the bike and was doing it with his body."

He has been driving that way for years after he lost both arms when he was seven years old after touching a live electric cable with both hands.

He was handed over to a circus when he was 10 by his parents and earned his money as a trick cyclist - and decided to modify the motorbike to help himself get around.

A police spokesman said: "The man said that he was a very safe driver and felt he was as good as anyone else on the road, despite his disability. He was surprised when we arrested him for driving without arms - he thought we had stopped him because he was riding with two passengers instead of one."

They said that Liu had lost his job at the circus after it went bust three years ago and since then have been earning money running a taxi service driving people around town.

He was ordered to stop using the vehicle but police did not fine him because he is so poor.

 Ok this dude has no arms and he still rides a motor bike... this guy should be made like a hero... Oh no they were going to fine him but hes too poor what is this about... If he can drive the bike that he has modified basically by taking the handles of a wheel barrow and attaching them to his stumps... Hes earning some money whats the deal! (http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/article.html?No-armed_Chinese_biker_pulled_over_by_cops&in_article_id=704929&am; p;in_page_id=2

Ok reading woo hoo, cus ive been bored ive been reading loads cus all my sporting amigos... ok i wont go there again... Anyone heard of "No time for Goodbye" By linwood Barclay... this book is amazing i killed it in about 4 days... Its not a huge book its one of them twisty turner books that i thought ok ive figured out the killer then at the end... just was left thinking U SOB.... 

I also read Bret "the hitman" Hart, auto biography, omg this dudes life is soo sad... His whoel family betrayed him and the only one of his family that he has a connection with dies in a wrestling ring, working for a man that screwed him over... OMG... What a read... 

Woah this Blogs getting a bit chunky and its about random stuff... Ok... since i chatted about random stuff im gunna give u a random word that u may or not remember the point is i tried 

acidulous (a-SIJ-uh-luhs) adjective

Somewhat sour in taste or in manner.

[From Latin acidulus (slightly sour), diminutive of acidus (sour), from acere (to be sour). Ultimately from the Indo-European root ak- (sharp) that's also the source of acrid, vinegar, acid, acute, edge, hammer, heaven, eager, oxygen, and mediocre.]

K thanks Bye!



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07/20/2009 11:55:13
 LoL. Interesting.

07/20/2009 09:47:41
haha i love randomness....
k thanks bye!   :)

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