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6,392 Steps...
Posted On 08/10/2009 22:13:35 by JuWells

3.026 miles

172.5 calories burned

999% of goal (??...seriously, I have no idea wtf this means).


So, yep. I got a new toy :) Tried it out today for the first time. I have no idea how it works. How does it know how many steps I took, when it's clipped to the waistband of my shorts?

How the HELL could it even begin to calculate how many calories I burned? (And btw that number sounds hella-low to me, based on how much I sweat during a given day )


And! It has nothing to calculate how much more work it is going up the hill than it is just, like, walking.

Oh well, whatever.


I'm soooo terrifically sore cuz I did yoga yesterday for the first time in an eon. My legs each weighed about 1,000 lbs. the first, like, 10 trips up the hill today.

Right now my lower back feels totally tweaked, and I have that good muscle soreness. Nice and exhausted :)

Beagle puppy today, 8 weeks, OMG seriously CUTE. He couldn't stay with us (too young) but he came to help drop his sister Daisy off.

Grizz and Maui: Grizz is SPECTACULAR! Never seen a Newfie with so much hair, and such LONG hair. 155 lbs. of total goof. 

Er, and hair and slobber. :)

Maui's an older reddish Golden, totally sweet.

My other dog, PJ left today. Seriously in love with that dog. I so want a Golden, now. 

Um, and a Newfie, lol.


Soooooooooooooo tired.

Blueberry french toast for dinner and FIVE pieces of bacon.


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08/11/2009 21:14:12

Psssssht. Physical fitness is over-rated. :D *sits on ass and stuffs face*

I want an irish wolfhound. Do you see them a lot?

08/11/2009 05:08:22
Blueberry french toast sound yummy indeed.

08/11/2009 01:39:57
well.....this diary sounds like Poetry....

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