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So Lucky
Posted On 08/11/2009 02:44:23 by JuWells

I can't get over how lucky I am. Just a few months ago I was in the depths of despair--literally--thinking I'd never get another job EVER, doing ANYTHING, much less what I got a freaking DEGREE in, and feeling such shame and, basically, horror at how much of a drain I was being on my mom.

I was SO depressed and feeling SO terribly sorry for myself. Just...despairing of the future, cuz I couldn't see my way out of my situation NOR my negative mind-set.

Now? I have this job I adore. 

Like, ADORE.

It doesn't pay a lot, but it pays weekly and it SO totally pays in, like, joy.

I'm kinda good at it, too. 

I feel as though I kinda found my calling, working with dogs and cats. I've always been more of an animal person than a people person. Though I do quite love SOME people (heehee), I pretty much LOVE all dogs and cats.

Er, except for my neighbor's dogs but that's cuz they RUINED them.

Seriously. Such sweet puppies and then next thing I know the damn things are charging me and going for my ankles and then they got two MORE (there are freaking FIVE now) and the newest puppies are completely obnoxious and have spent their time teaching/inciting Linus to fence fight (which he has NEVER done in his LIFE).

Er, but I digress.

Yeah, so. Lucky

Duke, the first Dachsund I've ever LOVED, went home today. His dad is the coolest man EVER and Duke is just a smooshy lovey little dude. 

I keep telling the guy that I had NEVER met a sweet Dachsund before Duke, and now I have meet quite a few.

He said he gets that a lot

See, the thing is: Dogs never lie to you--at least about important stuff, heehee (cats totally do, but that's part of why I love them, lol). They're just honest. If they don't like you, you know. If they like you, you know.

I say "about important stuff" cuz SO many of the dogs that come and stay put on these HUGE shows for mom and/or dad, the goal of which is obviously to create guilt. Then, as soon as mom and/or dad is outta sight the dogs is all WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO it smells AMAZING in here!!

It's really funny, how they have us trained

I'm dying for my mom to get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, just cuz of Sally.

If this dogger can't melt your heart, you just plain do not have one.

Er, or maybe you're afraid/allergic to/have been traumatized by a dog.

No judgement



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08/12/2009 07:19:18
AAahhh, it makes my heart happy for you when I read your happy blogs (which they all seem to be nowadays!)!!  Yay for you!

08/11/2009 22:10:27

So happy for you!!

08/11/2009 21:16:34
Awwww.. I's so happy for ju!!! You totally deserve every last bit of the joy part (and more of the money part ;D)

08/11/2009 20:12:25
Uh... Jules... so what is the job? Tell us. We want to share in your good fortune.

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