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The Blog that went Bye-Bye
Posted On 08/11/2009 09:01:32 by EuniceCrankyponts

I had a long beautiful blog written out last night; rather, early this morning and I hit the button and VOILA! Internal Server error. Lesson #1: Never ever type a poignant blog in the redhedd.com blog editor application. First, type it in a separate software program in the event you get a got-damned Internal server error.


Lesson #2: It is what it is. I typed the blog, do not feel the need to reiterate all that I said and I accept that it truly is what it is.


Intrigued? Most likely not.....but suffice it to say that I have a lot going on this week and I am ever so happy about it. Now, if I could just get a little "adult" affection, I would be ever so pleased as punch. Oh and it truly is unfortunate that I can not bring myself to a "no strings attached" sort of friendship with benefits sort of thing.....because I would have THE best time in the world....ALAS, I have high standards and expectations....so there! :P


Sorry, I am an idealist - I suppose when it comes to that.....


Okay - the thing is I am in training at my yob - its a job not a career - at an answering service in which, I was a former employee - hell, I did not even have to fill out an application. I just showed up for training. :P


I am also in a parent leadership training that will prove to be beneficial both personally and professionally. I know that they have offers for work in terms of seats on legislative committees, etc. and so forth. I need more information about that because I am getting in on something that I am ever so excited about. I'm not sure if these positions that they speak of are actually paid positions but ya know what - whatever, I need to get involved......NOW!


Okay - that was pretty much the jist of my blog that went in to the great abyss known as internal server error but hey.....It is what it is... :)


BE well,


Eunice Crankyponts 

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08/11/2009 22:03:01
I hate it when that happens...

08/11/2009 19:54:37
Euni, poop!

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