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penny for your thoughts?
Posted On 11/21/2009 17:39:52 by mizvalentine
Hmmm if only every guy thought like him! Not the kind of man who only makes time to in the end waste your time..


watch and learn boys


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11/23/2009 18:39:13
aaaahh that's so messed up!!!

11/23/2009 17:45:04
oh and btw...this guy has it right..


11/23/2009 17:05:54
thats a pretty strong generalization drowned_phoe.  all im sayin is that that mushy gushy lovey dubby crap wears off.  oh, and also, I, as well as my penis have never been in love.  CHEEEERS!

11/23/2009 16:26:58
i guess it's pretty obvious that this is a lot to ask for in a relationship :/ lol.

11/23/2009 10:53:11

l3xodu5, thanks for making it clear that you never love with anything except your penis.

whether the guy was telling the truth or just making a good rant for an audience, his overall point is a good one.  there should be more involved in a relationship besides just being super attracted to someone and having lots of sex.  i think there aren't enough people out there who are willing to take things slowly and really get to know a person before getting involved with them.

HOWEVER.....   to play devil's advocate now.  i think there are plenty of girls out there who can learn a message from this guy's rant also.


11/23/2009 01:06:09

sure, he may have sat down and thought real long and hard about something super poetic and romantic to rhyme about, but honestly, hes full of shit.  i, as well as any other guy who knows guys see right through his rant, cuz it all comes down to the almighty pussy.  thats it.  lets say he gets married and he actually thought this way about the woman he loved before they got married.  after 2 years, the flare dies down, after another 5 you have kids.  she gets fat.  he gets fat AND lazy(hes already fat, just imagine another 60lbs on this fella).  within those 5-7 years you have had all the time in the world to talk about all your thoughts, dreams and realizations.  within that amount of time, you realize that the chick you thought was so wonderful and smart was really just putting up a front, she was just schmoozing you just like you were her.  all that mumbo jumbo about counting eyelashes is complete bs after even the 2nd year of "being in love".  but hey, women love to hear this kinda crap, but little do they realize the actual truth behind this "romance".

regardless of what i just said above, i thought his little rant was very creative but would not advise any female to believe this bs

11/22/2009 03:21:10

Penny minus the invisible (s) implying singular...

... so these boys you speak of should start by noting the details, 'eh?

11/21/2009 23:29:47

penny for your thoughts?

you're overpaying, big time.

so if you ask "penny for your thoughts" and I put in my two cents worth, who gets the other cent?

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