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Help me?
Posted On 03/01/2010 23:09:48 by EmilySarah

Okay so here's the thing.

I am THIS close to getting a nice redheaded boyfriend.  This close being like really really really really really really close.

He knows I like him.  And I know he likes me.  But why oh why tell me why?!  Will he not do anything?

Shy guys are nice and all.  But JEEZ!  I'm kind of considering going feminist and asking him out myself...but then again I don't want to freak him out.

Oh well.  We are hanging out this weekend and going to see Alice In Wonderland with a few other friends.  Wish me luck?

Maybe he'll grow some balls?  Perhaps?   

We shall seeeee...

Just felt like a quick rant.  Which doesn't really make much sense...oh welllll. 


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03/02/2010 20:36:53
Good luck girl! :D

03/02/2010 20:07:01
if he is a shy guy then maybe he is too scared you might reject him,im like that myself, so i think you should ask him out so he knows you are serious about wanting him, and it would be good that two redheads will have a great relationship.
            &nb; sp;    

03/02/2010 18:36:07
Loving the support you guys...mehhhh...I've got no guts though...I suppose I shall see what happens at the movies this weekend...and if he hasn't made a move by then...thennn I suppose I shall do something

03/02/2010 18:29:53
Oh, you have no idea how tought it can be to "be the guy". Go ahead and throw yourself at him, either literally or figuratively. (pretty hypocritical advice given my level of cowardice)

03/02/2010 18:28:02
Ask him out! 

03/02/2010 09:19:43
Seems to me like all that you could possibly wish for is sitting there in your hands! If you don't go for it then you're as much to blame as he. It's not feminist, this is the modern world, it's pretty much normal. Go for it, it's soo much better than regret and doubt!

03/02/2010 01:09:47

Everyone matures at various rates and comfort levels vary from person to person when interacting with the opposite sex, especially when there are these unique and somewhat foreign feelings that come about. I think that there is nothing wrong with women showing initiative, nothing whatsoever! We are not living in the sexist and oppressive society the world once embraced, girls / women are more than permitted to go for someone just as much as a man is entitled. I know I was quite shy at times--regarding the relationship with my 'lil redhead--but it has blossomed into a relationship more pleasureful and meaningful that one could have imagined because we have a natural ebb and flow. There are times she takes the reigns and I enjoy the ride wherein other moments I am quite the 'masculine' entity. Plus, some guys simply like a girl who is bold and speaks her mind outwardly without fear of judgement or impression; I find it to be quite attractive!!! (As long as it isn't to the degree of obnoxious dictator, of course.) Don't worry so much about him growing a pair and take a chance yourself, go out on a limb and see what happens... you could surprise yourself with the overwhelmingly delicious results! 

Besides, once the formalities of 'I like you' are over with you can help him find his balls ;)!

(... that last bit was to be humorous, btw!)



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