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i met a redhead girl
Posted On 03/25/2010 00:01:09 by tribalbreeze
yesterday i was on my way home from college when i stopped off at the local shops to get some dinner.as i was walking towards the local green grocer i noticed a beautiful young redhead girl in a white singlet and short denim hot pants and she had blue eyes and freckles,so i walked up to her and said nice redhair "thankyou" she said then i introduced myself "my name is darren" she replied with "nice to meet you darren" in her sweet voice then i asked her how old she is and her name she replied "im anna and im 22yo",i then asked her if she likes redhead boys and she told me she has a boyfreind and she confirmed "yeah he has dark hair".then my heart broke again.so i asked her why is she going out with a guy with dark hair and she told me that she likes him for who he is.then i told her that im looking for a redhead girlfreind and its not easy when all the redhead girls keep getting taken by dark haired guys, and then she replied with "yeah" so i finnished up with saying "well i see you later".

now im not having a whinge about anything but this is just another disappointment for me because dark haired guys can find a girlfreind anytime they want because they are seen as more acceptable unfortunately and im really curious do any other redhead men have the same problem?why is it we have to stay single and unhappy while saxon guys get to have the privelige of being with a redhead lady?


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03/26/2010 07:18:26

Dude, you cant expect every redhead girl to have the same mindset as yourself. You may think red heads can only go with red heads, but she's not gunna wait at that same bus stop, waiting for that 1% of the population to come along and go, "heh i like your hair and freckers man."

Shes gunna date whoever she has a connection with first. I think your limiting your market as well, you may wanna end up with a redheaded girl, but whats stopping you building up your confidence and experience with other girls, who knows your mindset might change and you end up with a hot brunette ? 


03/25/2010 12:25:24
Yeah it's the way you introduce yourself to girls you don't know...and just talking about her hair is a little creepy. Most girls who get weirded out will say they have a BF.  If she doesn't offer her name up when you introduce yourself...don't ask, and don't ask her age right away. Don't diss on dark haired people...just be positive. Hope this helps.

03/25/2010 11:39:19
it may be the translation to english but the way u introduce yourself and talk to a stranger wouldnt really make me feel comfortable, perphaps you should think about that
Anyway, good luck if it means that much to you i guess

03/25/2010 11:24:00
I honestly dont believe its the fact that most 'dark haired' men get the redhead girl because of the hair color...I think its the fact that there are fewer redhead men than dark haired men..I have met (at most) five men with red hair(in my life time)...now compare that to dark haired men that I have met daily, in my life time...the number of men with red hair compared to the men with dark hair are vastly different....it has been proven that people with red hair are a rare breed...dont give up hope...your redhead girl is out there somewhere...

03/25/2010 00:12:57
no offense but you need to step through life with more confidence! ill admit i can lay game on the  "others" much easier than the "reds" but, you have to be more sure! i roll into every scenario as a winner and it seems to work! from my experiences.... red girls love red men but you have to exude that thing that say "your mine" to get them to look into your soul and want you

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