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green belt test
Posted On 03/26/2010 01:28:23 by redheadeddrummer
I failed my green belt test two weeks ago, but retested Wednesday night and passed. only green and red to go till i take the black belt exam! Now onto poomse 4...

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03/27/2010 00:52:52
ah, hahah, what a silly mistake! still, seriously, what the MD not enough, you needed a PhD, as well? amazing accomplishments. :-)

03/26/2010 21:56:39

Hi drummer. I tried to "comment back" to the comment you left on my page, but it won't let me b/c I'm too old. :(

Anyways, the MD/PhD/JD was one of the standard options I selected from and not meant to imply that I had all three. It means I have at least one of them. In my case, I have the MD and the PhD. You're not the first to think I had all three, maybe I should just change it to 'prefer not to say' or something.

03/26/2010 20:17:15
we only pay once even if we retest. it's the equivalent of about 14 us dollars. my belt tests in the us for kung fu were each 30 dollars, which is cheap of the states. i'd actually pay the instructor more, because she runs the program by herself and goes above an beyond helping her students. we're all foreigners and she'll do things like go to immigration with us to get our visas renewed or help us get haircuts. 14 bucks doesn't seem bad at all. 

03/26/2010 12:39:36
Are you paying for your testing? 

03/26/2010 07:42:49
I tested for my black belt back in 1989. Will never forget it. Four hours long.

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