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Beauty Through His Eyes
Posted On 11/27/2010 10:16:50 by Megzz
This is a short story that I wrote a few years ago.

Beauty Through His Eyes

On this beautiful morning, I find myself sitting on her desk, watching her as she sleeps. I then hear the alarm sound with its atrocious beeping. I observe her as she proceeds to getting up.

Although she may disagree, I believe she is beautiful in the mornings. Her lovely red locks all in disarray, her cheeks flushed from the warmth of her bed, her mysterious bosom, slightly revealed through her nightgown - all beautiful.

She slowly walks toward her mirror to brush her radiant curls and to remove the sleep from her penetrating green eyes. She then disappears from my sight. Although I am unable to see her, I am aware that Johannah has simply gone to dine on her breakfast, followed by her washroom necessities.

She then returns to her room. Johannah always insists on wearing makeup, no matter how much I disapprove. She simply has no need for it. Today she carefully places mascara on her long lashes, coating every single on with the dark substance. Her eyes shine as they always do. Johannah also places lipstick on her luscious lips.

It is now time for her to change her clothing. I close my eyes for discretions sake, knowing that every curve shall be revealed. I open my eyes to see her in a luxurious dark attire, her pale skin shining.

Johannah walks over to me and pats my head. At this moment I know that she loves me as I love her. She places me on her head, and we depart from the house, prepared to spend another day together. Her as a person, me as a hat.

The End.


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