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Tooth Dream with Byron and Mango
Posted On 09/12/2008 04:31:15 by JuWells

Just woke from a tooth dream.

You ever have those dreams? Where your teeth fall out?

Anyway there are a ton of sirens going off not too far away and they kind of gently woke me and so I remember parts of the dream.

They're going on and on though, so that can't be good. 

Anyway, for the dream (and thank you, redhedd.com, for being my own personal and very public dream journal )

I'd gone out dancing with my friend Bryon and Mango and some other people, and some characters from My Name is Earl (that always happens when I watch a bunch of eps in a row, the characters seep into my brain) so we went to this club and we were just sitting at this table and drinking and I was worried about Byron cuz he was wobbly and he got up to go to the bathroom and he fell right over. I was able to wake him up real fast and I helped him up these three stairs to a huge open co-ed bathroom with a computer station right at the bottom of three more stairs and he sat down and started usin the computer.

That's when my teeth fell out, three of them were connected and suddenly they were just in my hand.

I was so upset.

Then somehow I got them back in and I went out of the bathroom and there were some little people (from Earl) standing at this other table, and I had to resist the urge to pat one's head cuz how rude, and I got back to the table, and the maid Catalina (from Earl, told you they seep in) was there at my table and also this really snooty blond chick (not Joy, surprisingly) and Catalina and I hated her.

Then Mango was there and the girl was his girlfriend but then she really wasn't, she was just stalking him and he asked us if we wanted to meet him at the park, and we said ok.

Then I was on my own and I drove to the park (with no memory of the drive, just of getting out of the car) and I looked across the park and there was Mango and the blonde girl but I couldn't see them at first and then my stoopit teeth came out again and I put them back in, and then Mango came over but there was some weird disconnect, and I never made it back over to where they were sitting and then Bryon was there and then for some reason we were in another bathroom but it was a locker room and Mango was there in a white karate outfit and he'd had a match but we missed it and we felt really bad and his feelings were hurt and Byron talked him into coming back out and then the sirens woke me up.

Anyway, I woke up and Linus was stretched out next to my couch (still  is) and Frankie was curled up in the puppy crate I put together for him and Zoey to hang out in, outside, which he totally hates, BADLY unless Zoey is in there with him but Zoey doesn't mind it, but when I put it inside because of the rain both of them have been getting into it and curling up for naps and/or sleeping on top of it or next to it.

Cats are weird, lol, and I seem to have a propensity for run on sentences, has anyone noticed that?

I guess I am too ("weird," that is). I'm still half asleep so I'm going to go back to bed so I can get up and go to a job fair first thing in the morning.

Love to the room, I'm outtie.



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09/13/2008 05:11:30
shiznit. not a good omen of loosing your teeth in your dreams... I've had two of those within the last month or so.... I lost ALLLLLL of mine in the dreams... It sucked....

09/12/2008 22:54:41
you'll find it here :) and lots of other things

09/12/2008 10:40:52
Thanks, ladies. I can't remember what the tooth thing means, either :)

09/12/2008 08:30:49
Jules...I will look for my dream book and see if there is anything in there that will say what it means. I can't remember where I put my book!

09/12/2008 08:02:19
I've had those dreams before where I'm spitting out teeth ... I've even gone as far to check in the morning haha I have this horrid thing about clenching my jaw when I'm sleeping it seems even in my sleep I don't relax I'm going to start taking valerian root again that always makes me relax and have wonky dreams :) I know that losing teeth in your dreams means something but I'm not sure what I'll have to find it again for you!

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