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2000 Pictures...
Posted On 03/22/2009 10:02:26 by Redei
Morning Reds...
So its been an exciting weekend ummmm well that is if you like going through 2000 wedding pictures (NO NOT MINE) my Sister's.   
It started out fun.. like oh shiit look at this one and that one but by the end of the pictures and videos I was stunned, and feeling a bit like I was in a time warp as the wedding was last April and she only got the pics on Friday. 

Ok so here's the deal - she's my only Sister and the baby to boot so a bit spoiled for sure.. and she wanted this insane over the top wedding and thats what she got.  It was a movie themed wedding so it was just this side of the Oscars. 

There was a photobooth, stantions, red carpet, the tables were all movie names, the favors were those film clapboards (geeze can't think they're really called I really must be numb) there was popcorn, and posters of films, and movie candy.... and well it was a blast. 
My entire family was in the wedding - yes I was the GULP Maid of Honor.  Even my buddy pal Dan the man my 3rd Nephew (God Son)who oh my yes totally stole the show!

My Sister was gorgeous and her new hubby is the best guy in the world and although somewhat cliched is simply another Brother to me... truly my family is very, very lucky to have him.  

I hope you noticed I said HAVE HIM.. cause my family is very close and he is a wonderful addition to our crazyness.  

Some might say we are all consuming and overbearing and in your face - and maybe we are at times... but we're so worth it I think.... as are  always, always there for each other no matter what, no matter where, no matter when.. its just that way - there are no "in-laws" there we're all in this together and somedays knowing that is what makes the worst days bearable - and the best days the most memorable!

I always hope that what many would see as too much closeness will also see that theres respect too. The closeness comes from wanting to be there not hog tied into staying put.

Okay got a bit off track here.. geeze hog-tied.. where the hell was I going with that.. oh never mind.. LOL  

I tried to post pics on the blog but ummmm couldn't get it to works so I'll post 'em on my page if you're so inclined take a peek. I'll prolly post more when my eyes stop burning and yes I look like a manniquin LMAO!!! 

My Sister is way more girlie - girl then I so I just went along with her very specific insanely detailed things that the wedding party needed to do...
Like everyone had to wear their hair up,
Only the jewlery she gave us could be worn
French manicures
Hair and makeup had to be done professionally - GOOD GOD!
Wear fake eyelashes.. no joke ...
Good thing there was a party because there weren't these many rules when I got my passport... LOL!!

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03/23/2009 08:32:46

McDude wrote:

LIKE everyone ehh ? Just thinking of your brothers with their hair up, french manicures, fake eyelashes .... OMG

Over the big top ... sounds like I know where the government bail out $$ went !!!   


Hahaha - well my Bro's are infact intouch with their feminine side especially on that particular day but only because there was a weekend worth of partying ahead of them..    And it was an expensive outting.. My parents are older and on fixed incomes so we all sorta pitched in...  my Sister and her New Hubby paid for the reception, my other brothers the hotel, I bought her GULP Designer Dress and headpiece so it was truly a family affair... 

Thanks again - we really did have so much fun....and the crazy stories of the hair and makeup and trappings are only the over the top stories we like to tell, but it was very emotional for my parents and us too... but my Dad especially as she is his baby girl... ahhh ya got me rambling..  

03/23/2009 08:01:04

LIKE everyone ehh ? Just thinking of your brothers with their hair up, french manicures, fake eyelashes .... OMG

Over the big top ... sounds like I know where the government bail out $$ went !!!   

03/22/2009 11:23:50
Maybe you haven't gotten them up yet. ;)

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