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The Hate We Must Face
Posted On 04/19/2009 02:47:47 by aka_Shanks

You probably all remember this dreaded day, but I just haven't been on this site in a while and decided to contribute stuff

 The 'Kick a Ginger Day', personally I ABSOLUTELY despise the word Ginger, (it's more yellow than red anyways)  But I definately had a few bruises on my shins.

 But here are some articles where things were taken a tad too far eh?


You can find the news articles here and here.

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04/20/2009 02:44:16

Well of course all shades of red come from the same gene.......

Call me copper top, red, or firecrotch, I don't give a hoot.  Ginger is a pejorative term, (like calling a japanese a nip) and it's not a colour.  I'm sorry but my hair does not look like this

 But yes i did get kicked, but those kicks were from some very cute looking girls in my class.  One guy did get a kick in, and I slammed him into the lockers.  I didn't mind being kicked by girls


but geez louise, a group ganged up on a couple kids.... its low, very low

04/19/2009 23:56:33
must i first tell you idle that redheair and ginger hair comes from the same gene they are both as beautiful as each other but if i became a victim or saw any redhead or ginger getting attacked i would be laying some muscle into these filthy animals.

04/19/2009 08:29:15
Thats really dumb over what power Facebook has over people... Someone kicked me i would have started swinging.

04/19/2009 08:16:20
You got kicked??? I hope to feck you kicked back! I'm not a fan of 'ginger' either, but regardless, I would never kick one, I'd most definately would kiss one though.....girl that is

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