i know it mightnt look like it from my profile, but i actually do have alot of friends

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EYE COLOR: hazel
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DRINK: as a religion
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RELIGION: scientologist
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sport, music, art, neo nazism

currently loving republic of loose at the moment

I am attracted to Talent

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if your not up for having the craic then fuuck off

i suppose someone who openly takes part in makin scat porn. like i guess watching someone take a dump on or be dumped on would turn me off them.

right, well you know the kind of person who walks into a room and is instantly noticable, like everyone sits up and takes notice. the kind of person who is charming, funny, intelligent, successful and adored by all they meet instantly.

well im the guy who walked in after him.

the time some girl came up and told me she had a ginger fetish.......the rest is history

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01/23/2009 11:58:20
because i think you just might be the male version of me.

01/20/2009 12:43:45

Oh my what a tragic!!

I dont know what I'm going to do without those sunnies... oh the shame the shame! :) hehe.. 

poor glasses... 

01/19/2009 17:27:54
you should be my new best friend.

01/19/2009 16:18:31
Oh my goodness your display picture is HILARIOUS!! I love it!! Can I borrow the glasses?

12/24/2008 22:17:29
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09/22/2008 14:32:13

ohh do you enjoy it? 

Oh I work in a daynursery... I LOVE it!

09/21/2008 20:04:19

downwithpants wrote:
ha yeah, free health care and all that. sure canada is americas hat

so any craic with ya? good weekend?

haha yeah the free health care is nice..

my weekend was pretty good what about you?

09/21/2008 17:02:02

ohhhh... coool.. what are you studying?

Ive got work all week...

09/21/2008 16:35:40

haha.. ohhh i believe you :P ...

Im doing good thanks, will be drifting to sleep soon me thinks.. work tomorrow... I cant be bothered to get up early *sigh* lol  whats your plans this week?

09/21/2008 16:26:07

'i know it mightnt look like it from my profile, but i actually do have alot of friends'
lol you said that.. and it made me laugh very much !!! ehehh..
hello are you ? :D