"let me out, let me out i'm singing."

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for the most part, i like everything.
but i grew up on nirvana, and weezy has my heart :)

"There are more redhead girls around than there used to be, say, 6 months ago. One sees them glowing like torches, raking their rosy manes with permissive fingers, basking, with a healthy narcissistic delight, in the way people look at them. Most to the point, in the way men look at them."
- Vogue, April 15th, 1969

fire'n ice

dominance, being kissed on my neck mmm, great sense of humor, cute sarcasm, sexy cubans that wrestle me & chase me around the house *cough ANDRE? cough* :P, being challenged to think in a different way

sulky little whiner babies (lol), complainers, liars, sh*t talkers, and just a*sholes in general! FAKE REDHEADS

hi! my name is amanda.

if it was up to me, i'd be at the beach 24/7. i laugh too much. i blush way too easily! i'm random. i'm very silly. i tease. i'm smart. i like to debate. i'm determined. i'm pretty stubborn, but i eventually give in. i like shocking people. i rarely hold is too short to be spent fighting! i've been playing piano since i was about 7 years old. i play golf & track. i surf. my whole family is from new york (not me, though) & i go there every summer. i LOVE meeting new people who give me a new perspective on life...those are the people that you need to keep around!

i would like to travel when i'm older. i don't want anything to be planned...i don't want a schedule. i just want to GO.
i need to find a way to escape this damned materialistic society that i live in.

honestly, the only thing i truly want in life is to love someone with ALL of my heart, and have someone love me back the same. i won't settle for anything less.

talk to me :)!

every day.
and of course, " it true...?" ;)

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11/19/2008 05:54:17
Sounds like a plan to me, little lady! 

11/19/2008 01:42:36

P.S. The comment under my last one I mistook as saying "do you have any pics of you SUFFERING?".


That would've been grim. And something I would've liked to have seen too.

11/19/2008 01:41:48
Ha, thanks.

11/18/2008 20:44:33

mandaa wrote:

i'm just in that type of moood.

yay ian's almost better!!! 

i was wondering, do you have any pics of you surfing??

11/18/2008 20:32:36
thank you! that was right before going clubbing

11/18/2008 19:03:38

mandaa wrote:

i just feel icky & blah lol. 

are you getting sick, or are you just in that kinda mood?....i'm finally startin to feel a little better, still congested in my lungs though....this crap started last friday, so surely it's nearly to run it's course

11/18/2008 18:14:30
an iffy mood?....what do you mean by that???

11/18/2008 17:59:22
sooo,how is you today???? i'm good, got snowed out of work today, and i took a sick day yesterday, so i've had a four day

11/18/2008 13:23:43
Yeah, whenever I blushed everyone would laugh "your as red as your hair" which just made me turn a deeper shade of red.  My brother is ginger too and always been proud - the girls loved his confidence too.  It wasn't until I finished school and went clubbing I realised that men like red hair and that helped my confidence.  Love my hair now, it's what makes me unique :D

11/18/2008 13:07:44
thanks girl....have a pleasant day!