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Attention all ye Redhedd Scots
Posted On 02/25/2009 11:40:46 by steve
I've messaged many of you already, but some of you have put the UK as your location, and there's just to many of you in that wacky empire of yours to pick through so here's to the hope that you'll see this blog and comment back. I've been contacted by a Scottish TV producer who wants to do a piece about the redhead gene and redhead dating.  Would you be interested in talking with her?  Here's what she wrote:"I wanted to find out if you would be able to put me in touch with any young Sc... Read More

honeyBunches and nuts.
Posted On 02/28/2009 03:34:54 by Andy_inaBEARsuit
it's like as long as i hear this song. i can't stop the
feeling to write! lol.
racing across the moon, the cheese taste amazing up
there. lol.
unicorns riding unicycles, singing otters.
bugs bunny says his one liner. daffy duck trips. lol
everything down at my feet. i wonder how long this
feeling will last. rolling the dice, hoping to get forever.
the ground freezes over. slippery is the wind in your hair.
risk fueling my every move. moving to risk everything.
bring... Read More

St. Patrick's Day Spoiler
Posted On 02/28/2009 01:39:15 by redheadedrockaholic
There is much debate over the what is fact and what is lore when it comes to St. Patrick. I have researched the topic extensively because it interests me. The article bellow is informative and if you care to take the time you should read it. Let me just say that I follow a Druid path therefore I personally loath St. Patrick's day. I believe that the "snakes" he drove out of Ireland symbolized the Ancient Druids. By attempting to rid Ireland of the Druids he destroyed most (not all) of their cult... Read More

a smile.
Posted On 02/28/2009 01:35:18 by Andy_inaBEARsuit
dancing in black holes. saturday day morning cartoons.
fresh crisp midnight air stings the lungs, and brings..
comfortableness over unfamiliarity. and you almost
wonder if you can hear the horses down at the farm
from here. ohh the sky shines so bright, from up above.
monkey pirates and soup monsters.
captain hook ..walks the plank this very afternoon.
and the teddy bear gets the top hat. heheLOl.
perfectly aligned yellow bricks and freshly flowers.
and the beat of... Read More

Posted On 02/27/2009 21:03:11 by Waywardredd
I am watching the valley of the wolver!

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