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I need honest opinions! *edited!*
Posted On 06/24/2009 13:31:50 by laurrrrrren
Me + this haircut = _____________.
I need honest opinions, but don't be too brutal!


EDIT: Guys! Don't worry. 1. That's not me. 2. I was talking about the cut, not the color.

SORRY! But thanks for the opinions. ... Read More

Miss California
Posted On 06/24/2009 12:30:15 by vivalasvegas
Just to add to my already huge pet peeve of beauty pageants, here comes the whole shenanigan surrounding Miss California's pageant question. A whole buttload of backlash went up because she did what? She answered HONESTLY? Heaven forbid she gives her actual opinion! That's a new thing I hate about these pageants. If your response doesn't go where the wind is blowing politically, you're labeled a disgrace. Shameful.Now that I'm done defending her, I'll attack her. I saw an edited version of "thos... Read More

my coco.
Posted On 06/24/2009 11:26:08 by Andyyyy
so i just wrote about 1000 words but delete them.idkk anymore   ... Read More

Mad Hatter - Redhead
Posted On 06/24/2009 07:00:57 by Boltzero
The new Tim Burton project, "Alice in Wonderland" will be featuring Johnny Depp (yay!) as the Redheaded Mad Hatter:http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=56475As an added Redheaded bonus, Helena Bonham Carter will appear as the Red Queen:That's right, Redheads rule the movies,... Imitate Rule-age! ... Read More

Pea Pole Suck - do not read if you have a weak ego.
Posted On 06/23/2009 23:22:27 by EuniceCrankyponts
Only the strong survive? I hope that the expletive use in no way detracts from this blog. I also hope that the expletive filter is working on our beloved redhedd.com... Because Eunice is blogging this day like Eunice has NEVER blogged before.... That said let the blogging commence:    I have nothing to say. I am keeping silent. I am staying this way because I am in no mood for backlash due to my observations. I am in no mood f... Read More

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