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updated my website
Posted On 10/19/2008 19:59:51 by nashnashart

I have updated my website...sign my guest book and let me know if you have suggestions. ... Read More

Particle, lets the games begin
Posted On 10/05/2008 07:31:16 by Lunarstorm777
Alright boys and girls, this is one of the most addictive games I've ever played for some reason. The game is simple, basically just keep the blue ball away from the red ones... They ever touch, and its game over... (Yeah, I can hear the jokes starting already). Its kinda like Pool / Billiards in a vacuum.... Give it a shot. Lets see how long you kids can last.  http://farm.addictinggames.com/D78AQSAKQLQWI9/3461.swf... Read More

Symphony of the Soul
Posted On 09/20/2008 06:17:08 by EuniceCrankyponts
I think about how music has changed over the years and I think - WOW! It's not music that has actually changed. Technologies, human evolution, and well, okay - music has changed but only because of innovations in technology. One person can perform a symphony of sound with the use of technology. I'd offer examples to support my statements but this is a blog NOT something I have to do because I am only stating my opinion.

I think back on when I played in a symphonic band - the clarinet, sax... Read More

Posted On 09/06/2008 03:19:50 by JuWells
...resist, sorry! (Jon Stewart is one of my heroes and so sorry (sorta) but I find this hilarious)  ... Read More

Posted On 08/19/2008 22:01:28 by sarahredhead
Many of you fabulous, art-loving redhedds who have impeccable taste have been asking me the same question: "Where can I get that piece of art to hang in my house / apartment / grandmother's basement..." I post two pieces of redhedded artworks each day and some, I know, are better than others. Some are OUTSTANDING!! I must tell you that 95% of the artwork I post is from a website (a deliciously addictive website) called www.deviantart.com.  I always, when possible, include the title and arti... Read More

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