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my art website
Posted On 08/16/2008 16:27:17 by nashnashart
Here is the link to my art website http://www.freewebs.com/nashnashart/    If you have trouble just copy and paste it into your browser.  my space wouldn't alow a direct link because it thought it was spam.  go figure...lol    ... Read More

Funny day :)
Posted On 08/07/2008 14:34:46 by lizziedrip
So, I havent done a blog for a while , so here you are.....  Today, I was yet again at the same nursery that I have been to for a while (Well except last week, .. some of you know about that one) anyways... I was there, as was hovering between, the age of babies to 2 years.. theres 2 different rooms, babies 3mths - 1 year. and the ohter room is 1-2 years . Anyways.. I was in the baby room (younger ones) and they are sooo cute.. very beuatiful children. (yes you needed to know that... Read More

All about my Day!
Posted On 07/29/2008 18:33:37 by EuniceCrankyponts
This morning was like any other morning. I woke up late and had to rush to get ready for work. Once I was ready, I woke the children up and rushed them out the door. I dropped my son off at daycare and then headed across town to drop my daughter off at day camp. On the ride over, I noticed I was having trouble breathing and with every deep breath I would take, I had a twinge in my chest. Well, I managed to get her to daycamp after stopping for a cup of hazelnut cream and sugar coffee for 99... Read More

Rainbow Art - Thin Films
Posted On 07/15/2008 19:49:17 by CelticCurls
Rainbow Art!
I've been churning out the videos I guess, only a few days since the last.

In this one, I show how to use black paper, a pan of water, and clear nail polish to make some amazing artwork of rainbows.  I'm even thinking of framing some of them to add as accents - they match a glass art plate I recently bought.  It's all the science of thin film interference.

Rainbow art Thin Films - The funniest home videos are here

Please check out my video... Read More

Posted On 07/13/2008 21:37:56 by sarahredhead
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I know, it has been too long. Finally, sarahredhead has placed a slideshow of ALL the fabulous redheaded artworks on her page. Now no more painful galleries and tedious folders with which to mess! Just visit my page and Voila! Of course, you'll need to visit the folders if you desire to know names and titles, but the eye candy is ready to go. Hope you enjoy!!!

As ever, thanks for stopping by to see the art!!

Sarahredhead... Read More

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