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Posted On 05/27/2008 17:32:41 by JuWells
SO! I think I mentioned, after the whole scam on the Lyric painting, that there was another person interested?Wellsir, I wrote her back, told her the price was $350, told her the size, my conditions, etc.She wrote almost immediately back, she's ok with all of it, and wanted my Paypal.Provided it, and now we shall see, if for ONCE something will work out.Dang, it would be nice to actually sell a painting. For actual money, and not scammy dreams...It's hard to type with my fingers crossed, but I'm... Read More

Trying out another camera.
Posted On 05/27/2008 11:51:23 by Wessex
Another camera (total of 3 on my PC, all Fuji's ironically!) and I thought I try it out. Set it to manual, RAW and get use to the features. And the camera? Fuji S5500, second hand from college (legitimately, the person I brought it off, didn't know how to use it, after reading 25% of the manual, it was easy for me :) )... Read More

Posted On 05/27/2008 04:13:42 by JuWells
Mothersodding art SCAMMERS need to leave me ALONE (she types, through frustrated tears).

Yeah, so I put the painting of Steve up on Artwanted.com, WITH a price of $500...you know, for a lark?

Just got THIS FU.CKING EMAIL (sorry for the caps, I'm PISSED OFF):

How are you doing?Fine i guess.My name is Smith Brooke.I am an art collector & am presently on a business trip to Lagos,Nigeria for an International art Exhibition.I am highly interested in purchasing your a... Read More

Plater Man's Blog #3: Art
Posted On 05/21/2008 21:33:32 by hamletthedane
Today's topic is art.I love this hat. Let me start by saying that I identify as a Formalist. I believe that form must come before all else in art, because without form there is nothing. Postmodernism has its own agenda, making form take a backseat. It is because of this that I am unable to fully appreciate Postmodernist art. I will not say that it is entirely useless, because I have seen Postmodernism work that has interesting form even though it is subservient to the message. But I am not... Read More

I'm on THREADLESS... Need some help!
Posted On 05/16/2008 14:39:37 by Jesslo
Hi people Just submitted a design on Threadless, a very nice t-shirt online shop, and need some votes.If you definitely like it and want to help a bit the poor Jesslo * cough * please drop a vote  I would be eternally thankful.Thanks in advance for your attention,  here's the link:  Hugs * Jessie ... Read More

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