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Breda in one Week
Posted On 08/29/2009 01:24:07 by RalionMa
Hi Everyone, in one week I ll be in Breda, well at this time I ll be hitting Eindhoven to go swimming but in the evening to breda! Sooooo who is comming to breda this year? And who wants to join the program of the official redhead day in breda on this Saturday the 5th and who doesnt? I for example want to join only the evening parts, but thats because I allready had other plans :) - they are surely going to do loots of stuff too, but me I want to go swimming. Sooo who is in breda and what are yo... Read More

Posted On 05/15/2009 21:53:07 by JakeRyanDesign
Hello fellow red heads.I found out about Red Head Day just a couple of months ago and have been planning the trip to breda ever since. I'm not an experience traveller (yet) and would like some pointers and reccomendations on what to expect and where to stay. I was laid off from my full-time job and plan on going on a shoe string budget.Also, if you plan to go and would posibly want to set up a group for a group rate, let's talk so we can organize that!Cheers! -Jake
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Anyone comming to Breda in September and wanna share a room to get to...
Posted On 05/03/2009 04:09:21 by RalionMa
Hi There everyone :D - I was just wondering if there are others who wonder like me if its possible to get a cheap location in breda this september, seems like there are a lot of double rooms in there for more or less 71 € each night buuuut I am single lalala, so what am I to do with a double room, guess what? There is still one bed free!!! So if you are I dont care about the gender - non smoker (because I dont smoke and it would just make me puke if you would like to smoke inside the room) and... Read More

Breda soon - delayed
Posted On 09/12/2008 00:50:22 by CelticCurls
My main blog and photos are breda are going to have to wait till I get home all - a bit b ehind because I had a "tyre" blowout (unknowingly - I thought I had hit something) and only realized when I went back to my car in the Blarney Castle carpark.  So, I ate the hotel expense for the one in Galway I couldn't drive to yesterday, but I did make it to Cliffs of Moher if not the Aran Islands themselves.

Breda News:
New item you may not know about, that new user derbene has quietly po... Read More

Redhead Day Breda!!!
Posted On 09/07/2008 13:31:52 by LolitaRW
Just got home, only one word for now:


http://player.omroep.nl/?aflID=7847326&start=00 :06:35

http://www.flickr.com/photos/omroepbrabant/sets/ 72157607160899839/show/
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