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I'm NOT Obsessed...
Posted On 07/22/2008 21:35:00 by JuWells
...with Frankie, swear! Suffice to say I've never had such a "cool" cat as yon Frankinscense (sp). All my cats have been a) female (except for Calypso (who was totally Calliope until I found out he was a boy), and I didn't have him that long before I hadda give him and Persephone up to go to 'puter school but that's yet another loooooooooooong boring relevant to no one story so I won't tell it at this juncture) and b) very shy with strangers (except for Hallie who would do "shows" for people, sh... Read More

PO' PeppahSue!
Posted On 07/16/2008 17:07:40 by JuWells
Po' PeppahSue, she had to go to the vet yesterday!

She's been doing this weird thing where she stands up WHILE she's peeing, so we figured maybe a bladder infection, and so we were giving her some of Circe's antibiotics (oh she hates it, but she actually was doing pretty well, and eating more) but then she got this little spot under her chin, then it got bigger, so I took her to the vet yesterday.

She pierced my eardrums the WHOLE WAY there (and it's a long way to the All cat Clini... Read More

Posted On 07/02/2008 12:54:50 by JuWells
This is especially to Philly and LunahLOVe, cuz you two were the ones who posited that maybe the inexplicable "Pepper Sue" might be Zoey's "real" or "cat" name and guess what? She NEVER looked at me when I called "Zoey" but she SO does, to Pepper Sue (which is now, truth be shamefully told,  "PeppahSue"). Isn't that funny? I thought it was funny. OH and also, BIG grin: I put my poems on WritersCafe.org and I have four whole (count 'em 1-2-3-4) reviews, and they are VERY... Read More

Summat Strange and Silly
Posted On 06/28/2008 20:56:49 by JuWells
Sorry for the blog blanketing, but what can ya do?

Yeah, I don't know either.

Anyway, for some strange, inexplicable reason, I've kind of changed the names of the kittens.

The other day I spontaneiously started calling Frank, Pankoh.

I don't know why. I call him Frankles, and Fankles, and somehow it became Pankoh.

Weirder than that, however, is what I've done to Zoey.

"Pepper Sue."


Yeah, I dunno where it came from. But often she's... Read More

Posted On 06/20/2008 20:22:50 by EuniceCrankyponts

  Scatter joy while ye may Wonder and charity Afforded in your claim Staking it long ago Yet, taking nothing in tow Victims of honesty
© 2008 Eunice Crankyponts... Read More

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