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Commission - out of it
Posted On 09/25/2010 17:03:29 by EuniceCrankyponts
Sorry redds - I have been out of commission and not blogging. Just been living life and using another social network....and just been neglectful. I am sorry. (Listen to my delusion of grandeur).  Simply put - Writer's block......sorry. I will write a blog eventually. ... Read More

Wake me up when September comes
Posted On 06/24/2010 08:28:29 by EuniceCrankyponts
I wrote this one a while back (September 2009). My rattling pea brain was on fire that day. I don't think I ever posted it.  Swim with the salmon Not the trout. (go against the grain). Laughter instead of sadness Spread your wings and fly Clarity not calamity; Peace not chaos; Uplifted not downtrodden; Poetic not dull; Healthy not unhealthy; Remaining sane in an insane world. We are the ones that stand still when every one else is running As for common sense - It's not... Read More

Some Prose
Posted On 06/24/2010 08:20:19 by EuniceCrankyponts
I am not sure what to entitle the following prose but this is what has come out of my rattling pea brain: Brought together by adversity We cling to one another Separated by adversity We cling to one another There are reasons in this world Reasons why and how and what Yet living the questions I wonder what will happen Unable to move on You're stifled, muted, censored, and stuck Finishing the unfinished Ending the seemingly never ending Yet when will it be my turn?   ... Read More

Posted On 06/18/2010 10:35:24 by EuniceCrankyponts
Here I go again, people that piss me off.  Rather, things that tick me off. Such as freedom of speech within my blog. I like to talk and use my blog as a conduit for my deepest and darkest of thoughts. I like to use my blog as a conduit to tell the world just where I am at within God's blue and green orb that is hurdling through space. Don't mind me if I begin to ramble because that is how I write, I ramble on and on trying to make sense out of this nonsense that is rattling aroun... Read More

Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
Posted On 06/14/2010 22:02:04 by EuniceCrankyponts
So I was on another social network that will remain nameless (FB) and the following was my status quite a few hours ago: has so much to say but not enough space to say it so I sit here and stare blankly at the screen; losing touch with what i thought was real; numbness filling this soul; poetry for another day. (yes, I can feel the creative juices flowing right here on FB - preview of upcoming ramblings from deep within). Just wait there will be a blog or something come out of these dark thought... Read More

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