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Blogging for the sake of it all
Posted On 06/07/2010 08:00:53 by EuniceCrankyponts
Hello folks! I am FINALLY starting to feel better! I have had ups and downs since October but that comes within the territory known as life. Some of us have it worse than others and I am sure that someone else out there in the world has a much worse situation than I do so I won't complain too much about my life. Let me see what to blog about. I have so much to say. I am in a relationship with a man that lives two states away from me. I dumped the last one who lived 15 minutes away from... Read More

This is a blog
Posted On 06/06/2010 09:15:47 by EuniceCrankyponts
Blog blog blogety blog blogety blog blog blog....  And that's all I have to say about that now..... :)
... Read More

I've been lax
Posted On 05/08/2010 07:35:56 by EuniceCrankyponts
I have neither had the need nor desire to write lately. Oh dear, I think I have writer's block. This will all end soon enough. I will tell you of my ups and downs and all arounds and you, kind reader will be neither underwhelmed nor overwhelmed by what I have to say. I am in love with a man - yay for me but boo because I have not seen him in a while and it saddens me. I am understanding of things in his life that are deterring him from the capability to commit. I'd blog about that but... Read More

Dandelion Wine
Posted On 04/08/2010 18:19:20 by EuniceCrankyponts
So, I had the opportunity to read and discuss a story today entitled,  "the Dandelion Story". I would share a link to the story but my initial search engine did not yield a result and I am not about to continue looking....

Understand this, the surface story was about a man who could not get rid of his dandelions, he slaves over the course of years to get rid of the dandelions....he cannot get rid of them. At the end of the story he finally solicits advice from the Department of Agr... Read More

Its been a while
Posted On 04/07/2010 20:00:47 by EuniceCrankyponts
Its been quite some time since I wrote a good blog...Though, some may argue that all my blogs are good. On the contrary, some blogs I've written SCARE even me. So, life is good. I live and breathe. I've been in a depressed state lately. Hell, classic textbook case, or maybe not. I've been sadly mistaken in many things. So, here it is...a blog...a sermon on the mount, maybe....a dull read...maybe not. I am in love with a man...yay! Whether the relationship works out is the question... Read More

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