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59 years old
Portland, Oregon
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SPF: 105!
HAIR TINT: strawberry-blonde
OCCUPATION: full-time redhead
EDUCATION: associate's degree (2 yrs)
SMOKE: not a puff
DRINK: socially
DRUGS: I daren't
RELIGION: redhead
DATING STATUS: newly dumped
BODY TYPE: slightly padded
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
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Building surfboards ( sons have them, now working on Grand Son's) ... art and writing (for my own pleasure and to share with friends ... bicycling ... surfing ... flying ... traveling ... redheads (thought I would throw that one in again) ... taking a road less traveled on the motorcycle ... surfing (REAL surfing)


folk ... classical ... new age ... blue grass ... musicals ... you name it ... except rap and heavy metal

Blue Yonder ... Illusions ... West of Jesus

smoking ... drug use ... excessive piercings ... excessive tattoos ... loud and obnoxious ... not being kind ... being closed off ... dishonest ... not being open to the possibilities of life ... profanity ... war ...

"I have always been partial to redheads ... with green eyes ... I like green eyes ... and whiskers ... LONG whiskers" from Calvin & Hobbes

Bright eyes ... smiles ... laughs ... red hair ... adventurous ... public displays of affection ... Terms of endearment ... compassion, passion

Self-Description: I am an easy going guy... laid back, "a gentle spirit"... "tall, red and ... handsome???" I think I have a sense of humor. I am compassionate and passionate. I don't have the "typical" redhead temper... it is the atypical redhead temper. I have a L-O-N-G fuse and things seem to work out before the fuse gets anywhere close to being considered short. I would rather avoid confrontations and arguments but, allowed to continue, the fuse looses a wildman .... who runs amok for 30 seconds or so before I can grab him and stuff him back inside.
I have had my share of redhead taunts growing up ... "Red on the head..." , DON"T say this to me unless you are a really good-looking Red-haired lady. In my early years, I didn't think much about having red hair... in junior high school it was a detriment... by high school realized just how unique WE are... and I have been proud of my hair ever since.

Children: My two oldest (Geoffrey & Molly) are shown on my motorcycle in the third photo. Awww... little red-haired kids... aren't they cute? (they're both in their 30s now!)

More: My RED hair is turning grey fast! But I used to be not-quite-auburn. I love redheads... two of my three children have red hair ... their Mother and her sister and my brother are redheads, too. My brother & I were adopted at birth. From what I understand, our biological-father was Welsh and our birth-mother was Native American... yet it was our Mother who had the red hair. My brother inherited her skin tone and tans nicely. I got my father's Celtic coloration and I burn. Growing up in Southern California I loved being outside, especially the beach... when older, I worked outside. I managed to repave the skin on my face on a weekly basis ... I jokingly call it Perma-burn.

Strangely enough, for a sun-sensitive person such as myself, one of my favorite things to do is surfing. It is something I have done for almost 45 years now. When you see the sign, "KEEP OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT".. well that wasn't me. I still do it but away from the SoCal coast now-a-days... The Oregon waters have me in a full-length wetsuit with only my head exposed.

I know some would like to know my astrological sign... to tell the truth, I don't believe in any of that stuff... after all us Cancerians are VERY skeptical. But everytime I use the word... the word ... for my astrological sign I get antsy. "Cancer" (....EEK!!!) Being in the sun so much I developed a melanoma on my left ear back in 1997... and had 3/4 of an inch removed. I have gone on a personal crusade... WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN. I don't want to see anybody getting parts cut off.

Being present at the births of my three children and seeing they had red hair

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03/11/2008 20:12:28

Ouch!  40°C?  For days on end?  I can't imagine!

I think those kind of aches are good.  You know that your muscles still work, it feels good, and oh, BTW, maybe we should work them more often!  I have a friend from U o IL days who is a surfer, too.  He's in LA (the real LA.  We call Lake Ann, MI—LA.)  I visited with him briefly in 2000 and he is still surfing, too.  He's not a redhead, but he sure has the freckles of someone who could be!  How often do you get to surf? Every weekend?  Every day after work in the summer?

I always thought if I stayed out in the sun enough, maybe all my freckles would merge and then I would have a tan! 

 OK I'm bad.  I don't use sunscreen every day as I should.  I HAVE learned to wear gloves every time I am working outside, and dermatologist says that makes a big difference. 

Portland...the rose city, correct? 

03/10/2008 05:51:59

Hi TommyJ,

Yes, we need to send some cold to you.  I am SO READY for Spring!  Yesterday's high was 41°F, a veritable heat wave! Though I was disappointed that we didn't get our precicted snow storm Friday night/Saturday.  i would really like to see us break that record...we are at 76.5 in. of snow for the season.

I am not a water person at all...I was prairie born, with a penchant for believing that I would drown every time I got near it.  So...I finally learned to swim when I was 28, at university, and have been swimming for exercise ever since.  Don't ask me to dive in though!

No, not a family site.  Steve, of course, came up w/ the concept.  S2budd (#3 child) signed me up a couple of weeks ago (did he REALLY believe that I don't have enough to do???)  DH is also a member.  Don't know LizLizLiz.

So, no, not really 24. I was being advised when putting up profile not to put in my real age, but I can see that you have figured out that I will be 59 this year.  YIKES! did I REALLY say that?  I 'm not that age in my head!  Only when I look in the mirror and wonder how my mom got there.

Who the h... thought up this daylight savings time stuff?  

Do something surprising today!



03/08/2008 21:31:11
Hi Tommy, thanks for writing, the "Other" picture as you call it is the same one you have I just didnt have a clue what I was funny youre description of yourself and youre mannerisms are so much like mine, its care...Hope to talk to you soon........Glenda.......

03/07/2008 16:02:53

Hej, TommyJ1953, Welcome!

TWO red-headed children?  I had only one...Steve, your no.1 redhedd friend!


03/06/2008 20:12:18

03/06/2008 06:25:33
Welcome Aboard the Good Ship Redhedd!

Hows things in Oregon today? :)