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01/23/2009 20:55:43
it was actually just like lukewarm you can use any temp water with it.

01/22/2009 16:39:23
That's me on the left!  It took like only 30 minutes and that was with plenty of talking breaks and such!

01/22/2009 14:49:22

Do you usually have weird dreams?
Quite often, I take Xannex for RLS and it has the effect of enhancing your dream state.
Some people report having nightmares while using the medication, but the experience varies from person to person.


I use to take xanax for anxiety attacks. I had very vivid dreams while on it and couldn't function half the time. I no longer take it and I will probably never again either. 

01/21/2009 21:25:41
Ha, so cute, thanks!

01/21/2009 07:46:07
I have no idea why my  typing in my comment has gone all squiffy either

01/21/2009 07:43:41

I know what you mean about the scenes you described in Titanic, they
are very moving and do have an impact, especially when one considers to
ones self that it is based on a true story. Very moving indeed, one can't
help but to be touched by it.

Good for you volunteering your
spare time with the local children, that is such a lovely gift to give,
and so very rewarding to you, them and the neighbourhood. Its acts like
yours that make this world a lovely place that i know it  really is. It
is no small gesture when we give just the smallest act of kindness, it
has the pebble thrown in the lake rippling effect and it helps so
many, beyond what we could imagine. I think that is brilliant

01/20/2009 12:41:34

Hehehe thanks! :) ... Pleased college is all over!!

I have a new job now... I was temping but now Im working ful time in a day nursery ,thats real nice! Its had its up's and down's but thats just getting used to how it all works.. and what Im being asked off etc.etc. 

Oh no... What's been wrong with you? I hope it's nothing serious!! 


01/20/2009 08:42:12

I have to say i enjoyed all your videos, you have good taste, but True Colours and Titanic are my favs for sure, i am such a romantic at heart. I like your response to first dates some sound advice given there. I think to the mind asks the question, and the heart answers it, sometimes the heart can surprise us with its answers, if that makes sense?

I did a online blog party, in the past on here, for us in the U.K, it started at about 2 I think and I went to bed at 4 in the morning, it was good fun, and i througly enjoyed it. I liked the blog parties, because, of being able to put images on to it. Flashchat is a great idea, however when it gets busy, i am hopeless, because i am soooo slow at typing, and by the time i have written my reply everyone has moved on and talked about 3 different topics and i am still replying to the first But it was fun, and i will certainly give it a fair go again, just have to warn everyone about my slowness. hehe

01/20/2009 07:56:06
Awww, sorry to hear your health has took a step down, that can not be
easy for you. It is good though that your catching up and making the
most of it, that (pesonally speaking in my experience) is a
contributing factor to your health within its self. I am going to check out your videos you have posted now.

01/19/2009 17:54:13
Thats so true! I know that a few of the girls that I talked to...a couple from UK said to do it on a saturday and they would particpate..they are 6 hours ahead of Central standard time. (my time zone)

01/19/2009 17:38:35
We did it in the blogs and it was so much fun! Of course we had to refresh/relaod the page alot so that we could chat, but it was so fun! I might set one up in the blog and I will give everyone advance notice!!!

01/08/2009 09:48:44
Ahh, ok, hope it is all going good for you. Sending positive thoughts.

01/02/2009 07:51:55
Happy New year to you, peace and blessings for 2009

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