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11/14/2008 22:33:56
I went into the store (jewel) for 10 mins.. come back out and the bug deflector is laying on my hood broke in half! just pisses me off that some jackass would go do that to someone's car... Im not mad for the fact that its broke.. im more pissed off someone did that though.. the deflector is plastic.. lol but ah-noos. doing stupid shit..

11/12/2008 20:16:39
im goood you?? lord of the rings is second only to star wars, btw, i have no collectables or suits, nor do i say "May the force be with you" lmao. i've been playing guitar for three and a half years. after the first year and a half, i got bored with a six string, and went to seven. now i am this close ll  (the space between the lines lol) to closing off a record deal.. and i'm a 1 man band!! lol i just gotta be 18!!! :P well, and finish 2 more songs.. lol. and with you??

11/09/2008 15:20:29
my daughter is working on hers too she has her permit now ... and it's put the fear of god in me LOL good job she feels like anything over 8 miles an hour is "speeding" right now

11/09/2008 14:23:42

11/07/2008 19:39:41
well good luck I hope you can do that soon it sure would be nice if you didn't have to spend 2 hours travel time daily ... but if you like what you're doing it's worth it :)

11/07/2008 19:12:37
WOW that is some commute going to CT by any chance a lot of people in CT commute up to NY I couldn't because as it is I'm so far away from anywhere thats near NY except places like amenia thats about an hour away or maybe a little less ... pretty there though :)

11/06/2008 20:25:43
just working working and more working right now :) but thats fine it keeps me occupied :D how have you been? up to anything interesting lately?

11/03/2008 21:46:29

it does seem that we have a few things in common. how about a chat sometime??

10/30/2008 00:38:24
Well were it not for the cold part, I'd almost be turned on.....

10/28/2008 13:56:27

Sounds to me like he is

10/27/2008 20:16:57
I'm good, just hoping to get some sleep tonight. I don't sleep all that well (usually wake-up in the middle of the night), then seem to be a zombie in the late afternoon.

Cold weather is upon us here in the midwest...why do I bring this up? I hate cold weather!!

10/27/2008 19:47:47
I hope all goes well with your job/life endeavors!

Your blogs in the past have been, well...thought-provoking to say the least and they're missed.

Take care.

10/27/2008 18:17:53

FleshForFantasy wrote:
not much just chatting online. I have been good, just trying to make some changes in my life.

IvysPuppet wrote:

how's it going?

Hey, what's up? ... I've been pretty busy. But all is good How about you? 


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