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03/13/2008 16:58:01
I'm fine.. did work this morning for 3 hours. My job is boring hahah cleaning houses of old people.. I do this work for 11 hours a week. What do you do for a living?

X Jo

03/13/2008 16:34:57
Hi , How are you today?

X Jo

03/13/2008 15:38:06
las t summer i took a paddle boat across the lak and thats when i took this pic.. isn't it beautifal. theres more where that came from. I just thought that this one was my favorite.

03/13/2008 15:35:45

03/13/2008 13:49:36

03/12/2008 23:33:59
it play cassette tapes. it says remote punch in/out. maybe i should take a pic of it and send it to you?

03/12/2008 23:23:21
its a tuscam,  portastudio,  model #414, its kinda old and crappy.. teac copporation? hope this helps! thanx

03/12/2008 23:14:21
i cant tell? it doesn't really say anything, but there are a bunch of inlrts and outlets.

03/12/2008 23:13:29
i'm not too sure i'll go check............ brb.

03/12/2008 22:56:51

 It doesn't have to be perfect. i just want to share my sound. I have a 4 track that i record stuff with, but how to hook it up to the puter????

03/12/2008 22:47:20
i do sing better than i play guitar. i really want to figure out how i can record a song of mine on to my computer.

03/12/2008 22:46:05
i don't know?i guess i play well enough to play and sing at the same time. I can carry a tune if thats what you mean. i'm not the grettest i'm still learning.

03/12/2008 22:38:13
 My favorite song to play of his, is lonley day.

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