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02/12/2009 13:51:56
AWWWW!!!!!!!! well hello there love..(I really like your status now..hehe)

ohh my..well apparently my phone thing didnt work(the alarm didnt go off)..and I didnt wake up in enough time for the biology exam..:(

but I did wonderful on the other hmm...guess I need to bust my booty this semester in biology..

soo..a fantastic day eh???0ooooo

02/12/2009 13:03:47

 i like your status..haha

02/12/2009 02:52:30

haha i guess so..


02/12/2009 01:13:00
Haha, and you love it.

02/11/2009 22:45:34
What's up with your status and mood? Who do you want to murder?

02/11/2009 17:53:09
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! you just made me smile..::BIG SMILE::::

02/11/2009 15:12:47
haha think you have me figured out eh?? nope..I wish I was taking a nap..but I was at my drawing class and biology lab..haha 0o0o0ooo you will never decipher me and my cryptic ways... Im much to comlex to be figured out..

02/11/2009 07:49:47
Yay it worked! Thanks. I liked the definition too.

02/11/2009 00:24:35
Thank you for the birthday wish. It isn't my Apparently when you fill out your birthday you have to select the day then the month and year. I assumed you fill out the month then day.   Thank you once again.

02/10/2009 19:38:35
haha I love that little smile face..well you know by now the kinda day I had..just blah..haha

02/10/2009 17:32:31
Haha, that's a good move there, player. Women LOVE animals.

02/10/2009 17:28:18

Indeed, moving along as close to plan as one could hope for the time being... as it would be there are always 'things' that remain out of ones control! Not to worry, lately things have been more beautiful than I could have ever hoped!

How are things with you my dear!? @)----- 

Yes that is a wonderful perspective re: control I stuggle with that one from time to time LOL!!  Thrilled its been beautiful for you... it shows in your words on RH... so whoohooo YOU!!! 
"Things" with me are A OK... always looking up and forward - and it keeps me from falling on my face or down the stairs so hey all good LMAO.. Nah I'm fine and staying very busy with work, and some classes and friends... drop me a note when you hear re: NYCFD..  U keep slayin 'em 

02/10/2009 10:28:19

Hey you -- all is well here!  How are things for you? 


And you are most welcome!!  xx

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