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01/24/2009 08:56:52
Thanks I'll log on to e-mail and get it

01/24/2009 08:54:32

littlered wrote:
That was a real suprise, i honestly thought Terry had it. I think Ulrika was really blown away as well. I was really happy for her though, i think she has had a bad time with the press and stuff.  Why were the crowd booing her when she came out? Did they rent a mob? I felt sorry for Verne, he looked really gutted when he was called out second, i think he must have thought from all the cheering when his name was read out he had won. Poor Guy. I think he was well loved though never the less.
Haha, you'll have to blow her a kiss everytime she passes by   

01/24/2009 08:12:05
Your not the one who said guess who?

01/24/2009 04:04:53
Never underestimate the power of a blonde
            &nb; sp;                         &nb; sp;       Marc Twain- Ulyises  1843

01/24/2009 02:42:01
Oh yeah, btw, I guess those moon boots are pretty popular these days. My sister came home a few days ago with a pair of her own.

01/24/2009 02:41:16
shaweet! Moon party, hell yeah. Is lizzie going to be wearing her moon boots?

01/23/2009 19:32:41
nightttttttttttttt xxxxxxxxxxxxx

01/23/2009 15:30:28

OH MY DARLING LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tis splendid to be back home, I missed my family- and of course, my beautiful eWifey :)!!!!

No idea what happened but I'm here, tis all that matters! Have a SUPER WONDERFULLY AMAZING WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!



01/23/2009 15:03:09
okay cool beans!

01/23/2009 14:47:25

Aghhh I dont want to drive... Lol... Thats why I was asking dad :P hahah ... 

Nah not BB... I cant be bothered lol 

Tell dad, my hands are better, been using a different cream, but still stingy, anda part of my jaw is a little itchy atm , I dont know what's wrong with me :S ... 

hahahh awww bless grandma! shes sooo funny!! 

01/23/2009 14:35:49

How funny is this :


Girls are like phones. They love to be held, talked too but if you press the wrong button you'll be disconnected! 

01/23/2009 14:31:11

Hehehe... I finished at 1.30pm , but went straight to grandads, I wasnt feeling very well :S ... So had a 3 hour nap... and then had dinner, which I didnt eat much of.... Not feeling my best... Did tell you I was feeling ill!!

Can you ask dad if he's going to granny's sunday ?

love you long time! xxxxxxxxxxxx

01/23/2009 06:32:18
I put two polls up on Redhedd about CBB and put Verne twice to win, cos he's small and cute etc, etc and I think that's who Joe Public will vote for. For entertainment value its gotta be Coolio, so he should really win it.
You can tell Redhedd is an American dominated site with the lack of participation in them said polls 

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