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changes all the time

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selfishness and the word Gdamn


i'm a pretty cool person easy to get along with. I'm crazy about redheads but I don't know many hence me joining this website. If I should marry again(God forbid) she would definitly be a redhead and my wife and the people at work already know. Believe it or not according to my mom I always had a thing for my Scarlet Empressess This is my story and I'm sticking to it. Yeah Buddyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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03/11/2008 18:37:02
ooh la la!

03/11/2008 16:26:58

wannabe wrote:

Thank you  you too!

Elysa101 wrote:

Haha that pic comment was hilarious!


03/11/2008 14:09:48

plum? why a plum?

03/11/2008 11:02:05

wannabe wrote:
Hi what is it like to be a redhead in the Middle East? this is very interesting to me and totally cool. all I can say is REPRESENT THE REDNATION LOVE REPRESENT!

well as a little girl I used to be teased because of my hair, they used to call me "knafeh" which is a kind of middle eastern sweets that is very orange. but now it's different, all my freinds say I have beautiful hair and many people ask if it's natural. I always loved my hair, I got it from my grandmother who was a beautiful lady :)

03/11/2008 11:01:21
hi . Thanks, I love vintage pin-ups (preferably red-heads). As for the name...well I got that when I was living in Kenya. Long story.
Roots can be good for some people, I personally hate them...though that could be cuz I've never really had them lol

03/11/2008 08:33:40

wannabe wrote:
Well Tonya here's a hug now I have hugged a Tonya today. What is my reward?  uh maybe a trip on a magic red carpetlol.  This could definately enhance my image(just kidding) much love to u cioa.

LMAO! Good one boy! Loves it.

03/11/2008 08:32:50
thank you :) that was very nice. hope all is well 4 you.

03/11/2008 08:31:29
Why thank you! I love dragons and other mythical creatures.

wannabe wrote:
nice background

03/11/2008 07:47:11
phhleazzee.. 'too rad' is how I roll... i'm straight gangsta like that

03/11/2008 05:21:53

wannabe wrote:
Sinsin u seem like a really down to earth person as is evident by the number of previews u have. I'm glad I droped in for a look. Have a goodday love and many blessing for the rest of the week cioa.

Well thank you very much wannabe. That's very kind of you!