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Mood: Sad
Status: single
15 years old

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SPF: 35
HAIR TINT: auburn
EYE COLOR: hazel
PREOCCUPATION: making a change
EDUCATION: some high school
SMOKE: not a puff
DRINK: like a fish
DRUGS: I daren't
RELIGION: if I told you I'd have to kill you
DATING STATUS: currently stalking someone
BODY TYPE: more to love
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
GENDER: female
MEMBER SINCE: 01/23/2008
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kisschasy, fall out boy, john butler trio, foo fighters, matchbox twenty, jack johnston i play guitar and im learning drums soon

p.s i love you

superbad, knocked up, the holiday, accepted && funny movies

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im ranga thats it KIDDING i joke all the time and i act like a f**khead, i like to go to bed at 8:30pm i been brought up like that, i like to walk lots but im really lazy, im easily influenced and i care about what people think of me, i used to be obese so im really self conscious i dont like conflict i hate it when people get angry, i hate fanta and sunburn and tomato, im in a talent agency for acting but i dont think ill be any good at it i want to design or something i like art..drawing and painting.. im very over protective and i hate it when my friends dont let me protect them whenever i see a guy messing around i tell him off i dont care if he messes with me but my friends are another thing..i dont like being coz im over self conscious like over over everytime someone looks at me i think oh know i bet their thinking eww ranga how ugly and fat ewww its rather sad but i cant help it..its me, like everytime a guy is all like oohh hey, i think hes been put up to it and hes joking around, i believe in people to easlily and it gets me hurt i cant usually cant keep a friend for longer than 6 months coz they turn into my best friend but it turns out we dont have that much in common so now i dont trust anyone and yes that about sums me up

surfy bruntettes && curly hair AFROS, shy guys, hotness

assholes, blondes, ranga's and people who tease them, emos and depressed kids, people that think their top shit

singing, dancing, dickiing around, bumming out, walking, laughing, taking pics but i broke my camera, going to movies and beach

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01/23/2008 08:19:25

Hey red,

Welcome to the communitah.

From: EmirAtif
01/23/2008 07:28:09

Hello there;

Glad to have you here.